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There are many different looks for shiplap wainscoting.

Shiplap wainscoting can give your home a lot of character, and charm. By adding a different texture to your wall you are adding a point of interest, and giving the eye something else to look at other than a plain wall.

But when most people think of wainscoting they think of paneling, usually about a quarter or midway up the wall, and usually white. But what most don’t realize is that there are a lot of different looks for wainscoting. You can use a variety of colors, or no color at all and let the natural look of the wood take over. It can be vertical, horizontal, lined with a trip at the top, tall or short. Heck, You could even have your entire wall covered in shiplap, with wainscoting and only sign of separation being a paint color.

If you’re looking to add personality to a room in your home, consider adding shiplap wainscotting in one of these beautiful styles.

Tall & Dark

There is just something about the look of shiplap wainscoting that adds a fair bit of charm to any room. Many people choose it for bathrooms because a bathroom tends to be small. The vertical lines in the shiplap can make the room seem longer, and in this case make it appear as if the ceilings are higher. The light grey adds a gentleness that really ties the room together.

shiplap wainscoting

source: beneathmyheart.net


Cozy & Chic

We all love a cozy and comfortable bedroom. This shiplap wainscoting is a fairly basic style, but it does wonders for this room. It is mid-height with a small railing on the top and baseboards at the bottom. The soft color of the wall gives the design dimension and depth while the white accents throughout the room tie it all together. It would still be a beautiful room without the wainscoting, but the shiplap gives the room a little something extra to love.

shiplap wainscoting

source: hgtv.com


Going Up

Having shiplap in the entry and going up the stairs can make the space appear larger and more welcoming. Having the shiplap run horizontally, parallel to the stairs can also give the room direction, making homeowners and guests want to continue their way through the home. It is interesting the way this is done. Most of the shiplap ends midway up the wall, until a certain point in the stairs where it becomes much shorter. Then notice on the landing above the wainscoting has switched to paneling. It is an interesting and unique way of using shiplap wainscoting, but it is very attractive.

shiplap wainscoting


I like that the shiplap wainscoting in this entryway is the same height as the frame of the door. It is a great detail that helps to add continuity to the space. Another unique thing is that the shiplap is running vertically, which makes the ceilings look even higher. It’s eye catching and beautiful.

shiplap wainscoting



You don’t always see shiplap wainscotting exposed, with no color, and left to its intrinsically beautiful grain. Wood will almost always look good in a home, especially when it is kept unpainted. It really helps to frame and define the space, while also tying it into the kitchen in the back. Where the walls are completely covered in exposed shiplap.

shiplap wainscoting

source: hgtv.com


No matter which way you choose to use shiplap wainscoting, we are sure that it will dramatically and beautifully alter the way any room in your home looks.

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