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Did you think ship lap siding was only for use on your homes exterior? Think again.

Most often think of exterior projects when they think of ship lap siding, but what they don’t consider, is what ship lap can do for your interior.Frankly, it adds a lot of charm that you might not be able to achieve otherwise. It’s an easy way to create a stunning impact in any room while still keeping things simple.

Have a plain kitchen with basic counters and cabinets? Want to keep white walls while still giving the room interest? Ship lap siding is your answer, especially if you are going for a cottage or lake house look.

Here are just a few ideas for your home:

In The kitchen

There are hundreds of examples of ship lap being used in the kitchen, and this ship lap backsplash is just one of them. It’s a stunning idea, especially if you have colorful cabinets.

Why Ship Lap Siding Belongs In Your Home

source: instagram.com

Mudroom/ Laundry Room

The laundry and mudroom are probably the most perfect places to put ship lap, because they are smaller rooms that tend to need a lot more charm than other rooms. These are rooms that typically aren’t that inviting, and can use all the help they can get. Plus, for some reason Ship lap siding and the idea of putting it in the laundry room seem to just fit together. It has a rustic feel that correlates well with these spaces.

Why Ship Lap Siding Belongs In Your Home

Living Room

The living room is one of those places we want to feel coziest in our homes. The charm brought on by ship lap siding is unparalleled. Once again I will remind you that if you are looking for a cottage, farmhouse, or lake house look, ship lap is something to consider.

Why Ship Lap Siding Belongs In Your Home

source: instagram.com


There are many ways that you can use ship lap in your bathroom. You can encase the bathroom from floor to ceiling ( I’ve seen it done in a nice off white color as well as in full black), or you can do an accent wall, or wainscoting like in the picture below. That royal blue paired with it is really serene and complimentary with that marble countertop on the vanity.

Why Ship Lap Siding Belongs In Your Home

source: remodelandolacasa.com


Or how about in the bedroom? Personally I find the idea of using ship lap for an accent wall, like that in the picture below, charming. Using it in that way can suit a multitude of styles. But I’ve seen bedrooms composed entirely of ship lap walls, or even as a wainscoting. It really all depends on your preferences and style.

ship lap siding

source: kellyelko.com

No matter which room you choose to charm, ship lap siding is the an easy and simple way to add add interest to any room. While these pictures all depict white ship lap, (which is how it is most commonly used) keep in mind that it can be just as dramatic as painted kitchen cabinets. Color can really make the difference. We’ve seen black ship lap, light green, blue, and cream colored. Each color seems to change the style of the ship lap, somehow. So experiment, and really think about your options, because believe it or not, ship lap is a versatile material.

If you want more information on ship lap, or would like to purchase a shipment for your next project, visit us at Rocky Mountain Forest Products.