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The standard Decorator 8-foot panel has 1-course of any of nine patterns, each panel made to match the style texture, thickness and exposure of the regular Cedar Valley shingle panel ordered. When used in gables or in bands around the house, they are the perfect accent to your shingle styling.


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Dimensions & Options

Courses per Panel & Exposure Coverage per Panel Panels per 100 Sq. Ft. Texture Shape Available Custom Options
1 @ 7 1/8″ (or Custom) 4.76 Sq. Ft. 21 Regular Nine Patterns Combinations
1 @ 5.3″ (or Custom) 3.57 Sq. Ft. 28 Regular Nine Patterns Combinations
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Decorator Handy Panels

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The Handy Panel kit includes 10 panels, Nails, Starter and easy to follow application instructions. It also has all the great features of our full size panels including:

Unmatched Durability – Properly installed and finished, the Cedar Valley Handy Panel provides low maintenance protection and beauty for generations. Our siding systems have limited warranties up to 50 years.

Overlapping End-Joints – Hides seams, resists moisture penetration and eliminates caulking full panels.

Integrated Fiberglass Barrier – A breathable shield adds an additional layer of protection to the panel.

Real wood – We use only 100% Western Red Cedar – the preferred choice of builders for its beauty, durability and ease of handling.

Individual Decorator Shingles

Individual Decorator Shingles

Made from kiln-dried No. 1 Grade Western Red Cedar 18″ shingle blanks precision paralleled and hand-shaped.

Standard 5-inch (4-15/16″ actual) Decorator shingles are packed 96 shingles per carton, each carton covering 25 square feet (4 cartons per square) at 7-1/2″ maximum exposure at 1/8″ spacing for exterior sidewall or Mansard roofs.

Available in Round, Fishscale, Hexagon, Octagon, Full Cove, Arrow, Diagonal, Square, Diamond, and Wave.

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