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A traditional wood deck is usually constructed of Redwood or Cedar. These two softwood species have been used in exterior construction in North America for over one hundred years. Generally, our redwood and cedar decking materials are more economical than some composite options and exotic hardwood decking and tend to create a more rustic appearance.

Cedar is aesthetically adaptable, and because of its marvelously rich tonal properties, it can blend seamlessly with outdoor sanctuaries, traditional home outdoor living areas, or cutting-edge architectures. It is also naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks, making it a great choice for any outdoor deck area.

Redwood decking is popular because it stores more carbon than it emits over its lifespan, giving the homeowner a greener solution than standard decking.  Redwood can also be easily stained repeatedly throughout its lifespan making it an affordable and sustainable option for your home.

Traditional Decking

Besides their appealing price point, traditional redwood and cedar decking materials are also highly durable and make an excellent choice for exterior construction due to the natural resins in cedar and redwood that helps prevent rot and decay. They perform much better than cheaper woods, like spruce, pine and fir, that are commonly sold by bigger suppliers. If you are interested in learning more about traditional redwood and cedar decking materials, contact a decking specialist today!

Is a traditional deck less expensive and why?
Yes, it is. Because they are milled in the western United States, cedar and redwood are sourced locally and do not incur the extra shipping costs of composites and exotic hardwoods. If cost is of concern when designing a deck, one of our deck specialists can show you several different ways to get the decking material right for your budget.
Are non-exotic hardwoods difficult to work with?
Not really. You should always pre-drill all of your screw holes to avoid splitting the wood, but pre-drilling is actually recommended by virtually all decking mills and manufacturers. You may also find that your saw blades dull more quickly from cutting hardwoods. However, the real key to keeping exotic hardwood decking easy to work with is purchasing kiln dried lumber. Having excess moisture removed from the wood in a convection kiln creates lumber that is more stable with less warping, twisting, or crooking.

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