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Our exotic hardwood decks materials range from  Ipe and Tigerwood to Red Balau and Mahogany. These products are highly desired due to their incredible natural beauty, durability, and almost complete lack of knots. We stock the largest amount of exotic hardwoods than any other supplier in the state of Colorado.

Homeowners often think that because something is labeled as “exotic” that it is more expensive, but this isn’t always the case. If you take into consideration all of the benefits that come with using exotic hardwood on your deck, you’ll actually save money over time. The long lasting nature of these exotic hardwood materials is a huge benefit that draws in contractors and homeowners alike.

Exotic hardwoods are well know for being low-maintenance materials for decking. In most cases, you’ll only need to reseal it every other year as opposed to every year. Staining will only need to be done when you notice considerable fading, which will happen at a slower rate than with other decking materials. In most cases, the only maintenance needed is a spray down with the hose, or a quick sweep to off all the wet leaves in fall.

Exotic hardwoods are an excellent choice for decks due to its natural resistance to all the things that cause a deck to decay and need replacing. Other materials will need protective finishes to avoid harmful damage from moisture, but the resins within exotic hardwoods allow the material to resist moisture, rot and insects without those extra finishes. They also tend to have a little more protection against the damage from the sun, because of those natural oils within.

Exotic Wood

Exotic hardwood decks tend to be a tad more expensive than common cedar and redwood decking upfront, but for good reason: it provides one of the highest values of any deck material available. To put it simply, you get a lot of “bang for your buck” because of their durability and aesthetic value. If you are interested in learning more about our exotic deck woods like ipe, tigerwood and more, please contact us to speak with a decking specialist today!

How are exotic hardwoods different from other decking materials?
Exotic hardwood decking has three main advantages over all other decking material

Unparalleled Beauty- The distinctive grains and colors that are found in exotic hardwoods are impossible to beat. Regardless of the look desired, contemporary, rustic, or distinctive – there is an exotic hardwood species that will accommodate your project

Durability- Exotic hardwoods are considerably more dense and durable than ANY other wood decking. These woods will endure abuse from patio furniture, grills, pets, and foot traffic far better than cedar or redwood.

Quality- Exotic hardwoods have very few branches. This results in a finished piece of lumber that has almost no knots, or is “clear”, as we say in the lumber business. In addition to the lack of knots, all of our exotic hardwood decking is kiln dried, meaning each piece of decking will be more stable with less warping, twisting, or crooking.

Are non-exotic hardwoods difficult to work with?
Not really. You should always pre-drill all of your screw holes to avoid splitting the wood, but pre-drilling is actually recommended by virtually all decking mills and manufacturers. You may also find that your saw blades dull more quickly from cutting hardwoods. However, the real key to keeping exotic hardwood decking easy to work with is purchasing kiln dried lumber. Having excess moisture removed from the wood in a convection kiln creates lumber that is more stable with less warping, twisting, or crooking.
You mentioned that you import your exotic hardwoods. Doesn't that mean my cost will go up?
There are freight costs associated with all materials. Although exotic hardwoods do travel further than some of our other decking materials to reach our facility, they still cost less than most of the popular composite decking. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of receiving wholesale pricing, which can offset the increased price due to quality of materials.


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