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Evolution Steel Deck Framing from Fortress Building Products is an excellent alternative to wood deck framing. Fortress Steel Deck Framing is uniform, straight and won’t twist, warp, rot, crack or burn like wood. The interlocking joist and ledger system lets you build safe and sturdy decks with less labor. And it will last- the powder-coated option gives you increased corrosion resistance and a more finished look.

The light-gauge steel that is used in Fortress Steel Deck Framing is very similar to what is used for wall studs in commercial properties. It is a cold-formed steel made by passing steel sheets through a roller which folds the sheets into a U-shape.

The Fortress Steel Deck is Where the Future Is

Wood construction has been used for years on work in various applications. But once we learned to work with steel, builders abandoned many wood structures in favor of durable steel. Today, the trend is leaning towards deck builders choosing sustainable steel framing over old-fashioned wood framing.

A steel deck frame has joists that are “cold-rolled and straight and to the exact dimensions you specify. No more crowning wet, heavy treated lumber, measuring joist depths, or planing after installation to flatten the deck framing.” You’re already a believer in the value of alternative decking and railing over traditional wood products-so then why are you using wood framing? Evolution steel deck framing is a smarter system designed by deck builders, for deck builders.

Check out these Top 5 Reasons to Choose Fortress Framing Over Wood

  1. You don’t have to learn a new system of framing- Fortress Framing components are traditional shapes and sizes that are cut just like wood- so no learning curve necessary
  2. Works with composite decking or quality hardwood decking to provide a solid foundation for your customers’ investment.
  3. Decks built with Fortress Framing stay flat- a flat deck makes for a happy customer, enough said.
  4. Less labor needed- Fewer footings, greater spans and fewer fasteners required which means your labor costs go down
  5. Durable, long lasting materials- pressure-treated wood does not come with Fortress Framing’s 25-year limited warranty

You might be wondering if Fortress Steel Deck Framing is only compatible with Fortress Composite Decking materials- and the answer is a resounding, NO! Fortress Steel Framing is compatible with any brand or type of deck boards, including composite, PVC, aluminum, pressure-treated lumber, redwood, cedar, ipe, tigerwood, and other exotic hardwoods. This gives you the option to mix and match materials to provide the best deck possible for your customer.

Components in Fortress Framing

You can find all the components you need for steel deck framing, right through Fortress. Find all the components you need such as the Evolution Ledger Bracket, Evolution Beam Blocking, Evolution F50, Evolution Joist, Evolution Single Beam, and Evolution Ledger. Also, when compared to wood framing, Fortress has all of these benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Straight, uniform pieces
  • Build without limitations
  • Compatible with other decking and railing options
  • Life long warranty
  • A smart investment
  • Beautiful, professional look
  • Fire and insect resistant

Concerns for Using Fortress Steel Deck Framing

Materials Cost

Many contractors believe that steel deck framing is out of their budget. While it may cost more upfront, most contractors end up using less material and fewer footings for a steel-framed deck than for a similar wood-framed deck. Depending on the design, the cost can end up being an even amount whether you choose to use wood or steel deck framing.

Labor Cost

This can go one way or the other. For simple deck designs, steel is faster because there is no cutting on the job site. Once the ledger is installed, the deck is put together like an Erector Set. The only tools your crew will need are a cordless drill and an impact driver — no compressor, no air hoses, and no saws. If you have a more complex design, steel deck framing can take longer because more complex designs tend to require more screwing, and screwing steel together takes longer than gun-nailing wood.

Fortress Building Products Continues to Innovate

Continue to follow along to learn about new product innovations from Fortress Building Products. They are truly a leader in the industry and have changed the way deck builders design decks with their steel deck framing product! If you are intrigued by Fortress Steel Deck materials and want to learn more, give us a call! We’d be happy to chat with you!