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Three Reasons To Use (and Love) Blue Stain Pine

Have you built with blue stain pine before?  We have a few great reasons to consider blue stain pine for any of your future projects below.

Help the Environment

Do you know where blue stain pine comes from? Blue stain is a sort of naturally occurring phenomenon that we get when Pine Beetles burrow into regular pine trees and inhabit the wood for a period of time, until the tree dies and they move on; the blue color of blue stain pine is a byproduct of the Pine Beetles’ presence. This act of nature leaves thousands of trees standing dead in certain parts of the United States, including sections of the Rocky Mountain forests. There is little that these trees could be used for after they have died, but since the beetles do not harm the wood – in the sense that it is still as strong and structurally sound as it was when it was alive – they are able to be turned into usable lumber.  People who choose to build with blue stain pine are essentially taking advantage of materials that otherwise would go to waste, doing no one any good. For this reason, building with blue stain pine is very environmentally responsible and something that anyone can feel good about!

 Achieve a Truly Unique Look

If we’re discussing appearance, blue stain pine really is a one-of-a-kind selection. Its natural color gives it the appearance of being stained, but of course it really isn’t so no labor or maintenance is necessary to achieve the look. Additionally, despite being a well-established style of lumber among woodworkers and specialist companies (such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products), blue stain pine is still a relatively unknown product to the general public. Because of this, blue stain has the ability to really “wow” those who have never seen it before – it really stands out, and is sure to attract plenty of compliments!


Blue stain is one wood variety that really looks fantastic no matter how you use it. Popular for flooring, siding, and in any number of furniture and specialty projects, blue stain pine is highly adaptable and great for any number of applications. It is a somewhat soft wood, making it easy to manipulate, yet still plenty hard enough to resist scratching when combined with the appropriate product, such as a laminate for flooring. Don’t worry about accidentally buying “too much” blue stain pine – you’ll always be able to find another use for any leftover materials.


For these reasons and many more, we encourage you to consider blue stain pine for your next project. Give us a call if you have any questions!