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Second story decks have a lot of value to offer.

How many times have you seen a home with a second story deck and felt a certain type of love for it? Houses in the south are known for them. Think New Orleans and South Carolina, where the buildings of the French Quarter and the sprawling properties of farm owners are often characterized with second story decks. Or consider lake houses, where sloping back yards tend to require a raised deck. There’s a certain charm to these homes. A charm that wouldn’t be quite there if the deck wasn’t.

Adding a second story deck to your home has a lot of benefits. If you’re renovating your home, and considering adding a deck at all, then you should also consider a second story deck as well. Here’s why:

second story decks

Benefits of second story decks

Not only will a second story deck add a certain charm to your home, it will also give you tons of extra space! That means more privacy for each family member. More ways to spend time outside, relax, read a book, garden, enjoy nature.

A deck is that perfect blend between home and nature, and a second story deck allows you to enjoy even more of it.

Consider this, the upper deck is for the adults, and for family meals. Below the second story deck is a place for a hammock or kids games, or a place to play outside when it rains.

Second story decks also add a lot of value to your home. Even more than a single story deck.


second story decks

What to consider when designing second story decks

Sometimes having a second story deck can look awkward without the right design. To make it seem less awkward and more like an initially built part of the home, consider adding a pergola or a gazebo to the top level. The separate layers will blend the deck more into the design of the house, and make it more pleasing to the eye.

Wider staircases create an easier transition from top to bottom. When it comes to design, aesthetics are just as important.

Use the space underneath the deck wisely. Don’t just let it sit as a patch of grass. You have the extra space so use it.
second story decks

Building considerations

Understandably, the most important thing when designing a second story deck is support and stability. Second story decks need to be secured to the house with a ledger board, but also needs stability at the base. This is usually done by securing the upper deck posts to the lower deck. It can also be done by pouring a cement patio on the lower lever, or securing the posts with cement.

While it is relatively simple to DIY a deck when it is ground level, if you have the right skills, it is generally not advised for a second story deck.


What building materials should you use?

Well, you really could use any typical deck material- wood or composite. Though we’d recommend that if you choose wood, that you choose a hardwood such as tigerwood or red balau. This is because cedar is a bit softer and might require more maintenance. Typically, for second story decks, it is better to replace the entire thing than to do patch work repairs. So it’s better to use materials, like hardwoods, that will last longer and require less maintenance.



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