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Trex is one of the leading composite decking materials today. Its unparalleled beauty cannot be surpassed with any other composite decking. Trex decking has deep wood-grain patterns that is the closest to real wood that your can get. This coupled with the custom color palettes leaves other composite decking in the dust. Though Trex is built for decking, many people have begun using this incredible material for other projects (such as outdoor showers! Read on…).

Most people would use Trex decking for these reasons alone, but the other benefits only make it better. Trex decking is completely hassle and maintenance free. It does not require staining, sanding, painting, etc. Trex decking is resistant to fading, cracking, scratching, and mold.

Furthermore, Trex decking is made from almost entirely recycled products which makes it one of the eco-friendliest decking products you can find.

These are just some of the reasons that homeowners chose Trex decking time and time again. Because they have grown to love it so much, they have found some unique uses for their beloved Trex decking.

Because of its smooth feel, resistance water, and will not splinter or crack many homeowners are deciding to use Trex decking to build an outdoor shower.

Outdoor shower you may ask! Yes, the are becoming more and more practical as homeowners are learning to appreciate their functionality.

Here are five reasons to love a Trex decking outdoor shower:

5 Reasons for Outdoor Showers

  • If you have a pool, big or small, you need a Trex decking outdoor shower! This not only provides a quick and easy way for swimmers to clean up without tracking water into the house, it doubles as a convenient changing area.
  • An outdoor shower also makes it less demanding to ask pool guests to rinse off before getting into the pool to keep it cleaner longer and the ph on point.
  • Got kids! If so, then Trex decking outdoor shower is a great way to clean them up after rolling around in the grass or playing in the mud. This can be disastrous in your indoor bathroom but stress free in your Trex outdoor shower. No more hosing your kids off with the cold garden hose.
  • Want to keep your pets clean with filling your indoor drains with hair? Outdoor showers are pet friendly and Trex decking is so easy to clean up! It is also much more comfortable for your pets than being doused in cold water.
  • A Trex decking outdoor shower can be a life saver if you have a house full of guests. If you live in a warm climate guests can get back to nature while showering outdoors. This is a unique and relaxing experience for them and will prevent everyone from fighting over the indoor bathrooms.
  • Are you an avid gardener and/or landscaper? We all know how quickly we can be covered with dirt from head to toe while working in the yard. Just like excess water you do not want to track dirt through the house and clog your drains. An outdoor Trex decking shower makes for quick clean up and also prevents you from tracking allergens in the house after coming into contact with plants and shrubs.

If you’re interested in using Trex decking on your next project, get in touch with us! We would love to help you out in that process, answering any questions you might have.