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Why You Should Know the Different Grades of Redwood Decking

If you’re like me, choosing the ideal product isn’t just a point-and-pick process.

Personally, I like to know everything about a product before purchasing it. I’ll look into things like dimensions and specifications, all possible color schemes, durability and lifespan, different qualities of that product, pricing or cost and it’s all for the purpose of making the most informed decision as possible.

Those kind of questions should always be in the back of your mind when shopping – and that’s for any product, not just building materials. As a consumer, making informed decisions about the products you want to buy is completely and utterly beneficial to your budget and overall project.

That’s why we’re going to use this article to quickly cover the different grades of Redwood Decking Materials we offer.

Redwood deck

Deck Common vs Deck Heart

We stock two different grades of redwood decking: Deck Common and Deck Heart. While these materials are very, very similar, there is only one or two differentiating factors. The first being that Common materials will contain knots while Heart does not. This difference is only a visual difference and will not have any effect on the structural integrity of your deck.

Another factor that creates difference between these two materials, is the recommended usage. While they are both mainly used for deck projects, Deck Common is known to be used for lower standing decks and joists and Deck Heart is mainly used for deck boards and railings.


Which should I use for my project?

Seeing that these materials only really differ in terms of visual appeal, you can choose either one. Both offer high resistance to insects, mold and moisture, so you can’t go wrong with what you choose.

If you are trying to adhere to a more strict or tight budget, then head to our traditional decking materials page to find out more and help better your decision.

redwood decking


Concluding Thoughts

No one wants to be in the situation of wishing they could go back in time and change a decision before it was made.

That’s why before you begin building any project or purchase any material, be sure that you have done your research. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all your potential supplies won’t just benefit your budget, but your entire project.

Take a look around our different decking material pages to learn more about our traditional, exotic hardwoods and even composite materials.


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