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Americans love their backyards and particularly their decks. Just the mere thought of a Trex deck can bring about visions of the quintessential Sunday afternoon BBQ. BUT… many homeowners still ask if the question, is Trex Decking worth the price?

Trex decking has come a long way over the past few decades when it comes to the look, the feel, and the price. The cost of Trex decking (including material and installation) will run anywhere from $6.50 to $8.50 a square foot.

Although Trex decking is more expensive than traditional wood decking, there are a lot of benefits to composite decking.

Is Trex Decking Worth the Price? We say YES!

Here are some of the major benefits to making the investment in Trex decking:

  • Trex decking is eco-friendly because it is made up of 95% recycled materials. This includes reclaimed wood, sawdust, plastic bags, and other plastic packaging.

  • Trex decking is extremely easy to work with because it weighs 50-60% less than wood.

  • Trex decking is resistant to mold, mildew, insects, and scratching.

  • Trex decking comes in three signature lines and customized railing systems.

  • Trex decking is virtually maintenance free requiring no staining, sanding, or repairs.

Not one of these benefits can be matched by traditional wood!

Common Mistakes

Aside from not being aware of the many positive characteristics of Trex decking, many consumers have been falsely educated by inexperienced salesmen and carry around some myths that need to be de-bunked:

  • Trex decking is hard to install – Many homeowners who may have previously built their own wood deck cannot seem to wrap their mind around installing composite decking. Trex decking is so easy to install that even an amateur can do it.

    Trex decking comes complete with its own hidden fastening system that is not only fool proof but has a completely flawless look.

    Trex decking also offers step by step installation guides that will take you from start to finish.

  • Trex decking looks fake – If you have not seen Trex decking in person you may think that it might not resemble real wood and will look like plastic. This could not be farther from the truth. As we said earlier composite decking especially Trex decking has come a long way.

    Trex decking has been manipulated over time with high tech technology that has created deep realistic wood grain patterns and colors. In fact, Trex decking proudly offers two grain types for you to choose from to capture the look you are wanting when it comes to your deck.

After identifying the beneficial characteristics of Trex decking and eliminating two of the most popular myths you should have no doubt that Trex decking is worth every penny!

All of the features of Trex decking are also backed by a 25-year Warranty for extra piece of mind. A traditional wood deck will not come with that level of protection and will not have the longevity of Trex decking!

Interested in utilizing Trex Decking on your next project? We here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products are a provider of this incredible composite decking. Call now if you would like to ask any additional questions, or get a quote!