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Does That Tag Say this is Clothing Made From Wood?

Yes…this is what I said! Do not be surprised as many old and new clothing lines are coming out with clothing made from wood!

There is a lot to be said about this new fabric made of wood…good and bad! Just like with anything new, there are still many kinks that need to be ironed out before a perfect product emerges.

Believe it or not you have probably worn clothes made of wood in the past and did not even realize it. For instance, rayon is made with wood pulp but is also manufactured with many harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to you and the environment.

The new wood fabric is made with a mechanical process that uses small amounts of water not chemicals. And, unlike cotton, which takes a huge amount of water to manufacture and takes up a substantial amount of farm land, the new wood fabric requires just the opposite.

The new process used FSC-certified wood pulp that is essentially ground into a gel like material which is put through patented machinery that spins the material into a dry fluffy wool like material that can be knitted or woven into fabric for clothing.

Startup companies and well-established companies that are looking to make this fabric made of wood feel they are on to new environmental safeguards to lengthen the life of Mother Earth. By using trees from sustainable and managed forests they could eventually replace cotton production globally.

Although recyclability is still being researched and investigated, current data is supporting the notion that fabric made of wood will eventually be completely recyclable and with merit! Today…current fabric that is 100% recyclable is often frowned upon because it is lower quality and does not withstand time, basic wear and tear, or the recycling process. The new wood fabric can overcome all of the above making it a revolutionary product.

Here are some of the reasons that wood fabric is coming in hot and is most likely here to stay:

  • The clothes created out of this wood fiber is so comfortable and soft that you will never go back to wearing cotton or rayon.
  • Clothes made of wood are temperature friendly and will cool you in the Summer and keep you warm in the Winter.
  • These clothes are 100% breathable meaning it is great for the surface of your skin, especially for those people who suffer from skin issues.
  • Wood has natural antibacterial qualities that remains after the manufacturing process for fabric. This reduces the exposure to contaminants by 99% for each and every person who wears wood fabric.
  • As a result of the intricate melding of wood fibers clothes made from wood are tear resistant. This means that they have a lot of life to give.
  • Clothes made from wood are completely pesticide and chemical free.


If you decide to purchase clothes made of wood today keep in mind that it is a little pricy, but this will eventually change. Anything new to the consumer market always has a high price point which will decrease as supply increases. However, when taking into consideration the above advantages, the investment is a smart choice!