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There are many suppliers of hardwood lumber in Colorado, however, not all of them offer the same selection of products, quality, prices, or services. For example, big box stores typically lump different grades (i.e., quality) of lumber together and sell for one price, whereas other lumber yards offer different grades for different prices.

In this guide, we compare 11 companies that sell hardwood lumber to give you an idea of your options. Since we know our own company and products best, we’ll start with a deep dive into Rocky Mountain Forest Products.

Hardwood Suppliers

  1. Rocky Mountain Forest Products
  2. Builders FirstSource
  3. The Home Depot
  4. Lowe’s
  5. Sears Trostel
  6. Austin Hardwoods
  7. Collectors Specialty Woods
  8. Front Range Timber
  9. Front Range Lumber Company
  10. Adams Lumber Company
  11. TC Woods

Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers a wide selection of hardwood and softwood materials (as well as some composite material) for fencing, decking, and siding projects. Our product experts will help you find the right grade, size, and style for your project — reach out or stop by today

1. Rocky Mountain Forest Products: Experts in Specialty Lumber

Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers specialty lumber including many types of hardwood for decking, fencing, siding, flooring, and more.

We cater to contractors and DIYers by keeping prices low and offering a wide selection and supply of inventory. We’ve been in business for nearly 50 years and most of our employees have been with us 5+ years, so we have the expertise to help you choose the right lumber for your specific needs.

In the following sections, we dive into the hardwoods we offer, what differentiates us from other hardwood suppliers, and the locations we serve.

The Types of Hardwood Offered (and What’s Typically On-Hand)

Many lumber suppliers only have a small selection of materials on-hand and then order more if you need it. At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, you’ll always find a wide selection and a large supply of hardwood lumber. We also support custom designs when it comes to siding, interior walling, and more.

Note: Hardwoods are typically cut in irregular sizes to maximize the usable wood off of each log. This means you may be able to pick the exact dimensions you need for your project to reduce waste.

Many people have the idea that exotic hardwoods will be expensive. While the initial cost may be more expensive up front than something like cedar, hardwoods are much more durable and require less maintenance. This makes them a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Plus, at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we get all of our lumber directly from the mill, which is cheaper for us and is a cost-savings we pass on to you.

Most lumber suppliers get their products from a distributor, who get it from a remanufacturer, who gets it from the mill. These extra middlemen add cost on top of cost. By cutting out all of these middlemen, we’re able to provide hardwood lumber at an affordable price.

Although we focus on hardwoods in this guide, Rocky Mountain Forest Products also offers cedar and pine products for fencing, decking, siding, and more.

Here are the hardwoods we offer at Rocky Mountain Forest Products:

Ipe (or Brazilian Walnut)

Using Ipe Decking

Ipe is three times harder than cedar which helps it hold up well against bumps and scrapes. However, its density can also make it more difficult to work with, so be sure to ask us what tools will make it easier. Ipe is also resistant to mold and damage from insects and pests, without any additives or chemical treatments. Finally, it’s highly rated for being fire-resistant.

Ipe is most commonly used for home decks because it holds up well to regular usage, but it can also be used for projects such as boardwalks or furniture.


Garapa Decking

Garapa is a lighter “blonde” color and can withstand harsh climates, insect damage, mold and decay. It’s typically guaranteed to last for 30 years without preservatives, so it’s a popular choice for high-end homes. Garapa is often cheaper to purchase and install than other hardwoods.

Red Balau

Red Balau Decking

Red Balau is four times the density of redwood and is a deep reddish-brown color when first installed. If you seal in the natural oils, you’ll be able to maintain much of the original color (you’ll need to reapply as it ages). Without sealant, it’ll turn a beautiful silvery-gray color as it weathers.

Red Balau is often recommended as a water-resistant wood that can be used for boat docks, water ramps, and more.

Mahogany (Fijian)

Mahogany (Fijian) Decking

Mahogany ranges in color from light pink to pale brown with reddish-brown streaks to yellow-brown, and it deepens in color as it ages, although it will eventually fade if left untreated. Mahogany is one of the “softer” hardwoods, which makes it easier to work with than other hardwoods. It’s still much harder than traditional softwoods (i.e., cedar and pine), so it still holds up quite well to wear and tear.

Mahogany is one of the most common choices for decking.

Note: Mahogany was unsustainably harvested in Brazil for many years. However, the Fijian government has now developed the world’s largest sustainable Mahogany plantation. All of Rocky Mountain Forest Products Mahogany has been sustainably harvested.

How We Ensure Quality

First, to ensure the wood is easy to work with and will be resistant to warping, cracking, and twisting, we kiln-dry all of our hardwoods. We take special care to ensure all of our hardwoods are kiln-dried to the proper moisture content. Too much or too little moisture left in the wood can cause problems such as cracking, warping, or rotting.

Second, we offer multiple grades of hardwood. Many lumber yards and big box stores will lump multiple grades together, so you won’t know what grade you’re getting. You may end up with lower quality lumber than you want, and you’ll likely be paying premium prices for that lower quality lumber.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers three grades of lumber: rustic, standard, and premium.

The grade you choose will determine how many visual defects are allowed in each piece of wood (the structural integrity will remain the same). For example, standard hardwood will have visual defects on one or two sides (which can usually be covered up by turning it in the right away), while premium lumber will have no visual defects.

Hardwoods typically come in standard and premium grades, however, the grading options available will depend on the type of wood you choose.

How Our Team Can Help You Select the Right Hardwood

Most big box stores have seasonal or short-term employees with very little knowledge about what it’s like to work with different types of wood or the unique qualities of different wood. Plus, many of these employees work variable hours, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to talk to the same person each time you stop by. Not only will you likely hear different advice, but you’ll also have to re-explain the details of your project each time you have a question.

All Rocky Mountain Forest Products’ salespeople have been with us for multiple years, so you’ll be able to talk to the same person throughout your entire project.

Plus, we have nearly 50 years of combined experience helping contractors and DIYers with various projects (from fencing to decking), so we can help you choose the best product for your project.

For example, pressure treated wood is often suggested for building decks because it’s rot resistant. However, in dry climates like Colorado, pressure treated lumber tends to warp, twist, and crack under the heat. That’s why we always recommend kiln-dried lumber (which will hold up against the dry heat) for decking in Colorado.

In some cases, customers like the idea of hardwood but would be better served by a softwood or a composite option — we can help you decide based on price, looks, and functionality (and if you’re a contractor, help you sell it to close a deal).

Most lumber yard employees will answer your questions during your visit, but once you leave, they don’t follow up. At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we follow up to see if you won the bid, how your project turned out, and if there’s anything else we can do to help. Not only does this ensure you get support throughout your entire project, but it also lets us see how our advice plays out in practice — which is knowledge we pass on to you.

Note: If you’re shopping for your own property and want to find a reputable contractor, we can help. We keep a list of the best contractors in Colorado for fencing, decking, and siding. 

Our Locations (+ Statewide Delivery)

Hardwood and Shipping

We have locations in Denver, Arvada, and Colorado Springs. Each location has convenient showrooms where you can view finished projects made from different woods and grades to help you visualize your project.

All items are available for pickup or can be delivered anywhere in Colorado. (We can also ship anywhere in the continental United States.)

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Rocky Mountain Forest Products:

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Get personalized assistance and quality hardwood lumber for an affordable price at Rocky Mountain Forest Products. Reach out or stop by today.

2. Builders FirstSource

Builders FirstSource homepage: Take Building From Now to Next

Builders FirstSource focuses on providing structural building products (e.g., framing, roof trusses), however, they do offer some materials for smaller, individual projects such as flooring, fencing, and decking.

Their website offers very little information about the specific products they provide, and instead have you fill out a form requesting a quote. That being said, they do mention offering an “assortment of hardwood products”, including mahogany and poplar.

Other products they mention offering include:

  • Cedar boards
  • Pine boards
  • Timbers
  • Framing lumber
  • Boards and bracing

Builders FirstSource has multiple locations in Colorado including Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Durango and more.

3. The Home Depot

Home Depot Decking Landing Page

The Home Depot advertises a variety of hardwood decking and flooring options including acacia, eucalyptus, teak, oak, maple, and more. However, the wood products you’ll be able to find in store will differ with each location. Sometimes stores are able to order what you need and sometimes not. And, customers often complain that they start a project with materials they found in store and then realize they need a bit more to finish the project but it’s no longer available. This is one of the major downsides of shopping at a big box store like Home Depot.

Plus, many of the wood products they offer are partially built for you (e.g., already assembled slabs of decking). This could be a good option if you’re building a very standard size and shape of deck, for example. However, if you need a custom design, these partially built products are less versatile.

The Home Depot has locations in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas.

4. Lowe’s

Lowe's Decking Landing Page

Lowe’s is another big box store like The Home Depot. That means you’ll be dealing with all the same downsides of inconsistent inventory and limited options.

Lowe’s website advertises hardwood flooring, decking, and unfinished lumber in varying sizes. (Most of the decking options are pre-assembled square tiles.) The types of hardwood you can get include red oak, white oak, Brazilian Ipe, and more.

Lowe’s has locations in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Silverthorne.

5. Sears Trostel

Sears Trostel homepage: Specialty Lumber & Plywood

Sears Trostel offers lumber (e.g., S4S lumber, exotic lumber, reclaimed lumber), custom millwork, and specialty wood products to commercial and retail customers. Their selection of hardwoods includes hard maple, cherry, walnut, oak, and more. (They also offer a selection of softwoods.)

In addition to offering hardwood products, they also focus heavily on custom and decorative moulding.

Sears Trostel has quite a few locations stretching from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, and from Grand Junction to Sterling (although some of these locations may not have showrooms).

6. Austin Hardwoods

Austin Hardwoods homepage

Austin Hardwoods is a lumber company that supplies domestic and exotic products in the form of dimensional lumber, slabs, tops, boules, moulding, and sheet goods.

Some of the domestic hardwood species they offer include oak, maple, cherry, catalpa, hickory, poplar, and more. For exotic hardwoods, they offer Australian cypress, bloodwood, limba, zebrawood, and others. They also offer some softwood products.

Austin Hardwoods is located in Denver.

7. Collectors Specialty Woods

Collectors Specialty Woods homepage

As the name suggests, Collectors Specialty Woods offers a variety of one-of-a-kind wood slabs including a large selection of live edge slabs. These are typically used for furniture (e.g., table tops, desks, headboards, benches) or decoration (e.g., wall hanging, landscaping) rather than for decking, siding, or flooring.

Some of the species of hardwoods they offer include cherry, maple, oak, black walnut, elm, and more.

Collectors Specialty Woods is located in Denver.

8. Front Range Timber

Front Range Timber homepage: Reclaimed Quality Wood

Front Range Timber specializes in providing raw reclaimed wood that has been rescued from old barns. This includes siding, beams, dimensional lumber, live edge slabs, flooring, beams, and more. Naturally, some of these products will be available in hardwoods, however, their inventory fluctuates.

Front Range Timber is located in Broomfield.

9. Front Range Lumber Company

Front Range Lumber Company homepage: Now serving Metro Denver and Northern Colorado

Front Range Lumber Company (not to be confused with Front Range Timber mentioned above) is a lumber yard that supplies treated lumber, decking, timbers, and more.

They carry 1×4 and 1×12 boards in red oak, white oak, maple, poplar, cherry, hickory, padauk, wenge, and several other hardwoods. Although they tend to have a large stock of framing lumber on hand, they do claim to have at least a few boards of each hardwood on hand at any time.

Front Range Lumber Company has locations in Fort Lupton and Lakewood.

10. Adams Lumber Company

Adams Lumber Company homepage: The Number One Choice for Builders and Contractors for Lumber and Supplies

Adams Lumber Company serves contractors, builders, and DIYers who have lots of experience with woodworking or building. Their wood products fall under three categories: lumber and building materials, decking, and doors.

For hardwoods, they offer cherry, maple, and mahogany.

Adams Lumber Company is located in Centennial.

11. TC Woods

TC Woods homepage

TC Woods offers a variety of services and products including sustainably sourced hardwood lumber, custom milling, and furniture making. They do not carry dimensional lumber but instead offer rough sawn or planed boards and slabs from urban trees. These include hardwoods such as walnut, maple, oak, and elm, however, their inventory fluctuates.

TC Woods is located in Fort Lupton.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers high quality fencing, decking, siding, and more for an affordable price. Our helpful, experienced salespeople will help you choose the right product for your needs — whether you’re building your own deck or trying to win a bid.

Reach out or stop by today to start your next project.