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Composite decking materials are incredibly popular among homeowners across the nation.

With their low maintenance requirements, beautifully modern design and overall value gives these products the highest popularity among all decking materials on the market.

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products we stock multiple different brands of composite decking materials. From TAMKO’s Evergrain all the way to TimberTech decking, we have a wide selection of composite decking materials.

But what sets composite materials apart from each other? To help expand your knowledge, we’ve compiled some information about Evergrain Decking vs TimberTech Composite Decking to help you determine which is “better”.


Evergrain Composite Decking

Comprised of polyethylene and wooden fibers, TAMKO’s Evergrain decking will provide excellent durability for your deck. The deep grain outer layer also gives this product a more natural appearance, so you’ll have all the functional benefits of a composite deck while maintaining a beautiful and natural look. And coupled with a 20-year Stain Warranty, your deck will be protected from all sorts of stains such as: beverages, condiments, oils, wines or coffee.


Evergrain Decking vs TimberTech Composite - Which is better?

TimberTech Composite Decking

TimbeTech composite decking materials provide a great low maintenance solution that are highly durable and made with the highest quality materials. One of the separating factors between Evergrain and TimberTech, is that TimberTech offers two different lines of product: Earthwood Evolutions, their higher grade and capped composite decking product, and Terrain Collection – which comes in two new color sets and is oriented for the cost-conscious homeowners.

TimberTech Terrian Silver Maple

Which is Right for Me?

While both of these brands provide a great natural appearance with a strong durability, choosing which one is right for your home comes down to personal preference. Both materials are very similar both aesthetically and functionally, so look to some of their other features and offerings to help decide.

For example, if you’re looking to be creative with your design and have some more freedom then TimberTech’s Terrain Collection will allow you to do just that while not breaking the bank. On the other hand, if budget isn’t a concern and if your deck plans on seeing a lot of foot traffic then EverGrain could be a great option. It will withstand all sorts of stains that could occur during a neighborhood barbeque and even scratches from things like pet claws. Take some time to think about what your deck’s design and purpose will be to determine which material to buy.