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Your bathroom is your oasis and where you unwind at night and bring on the new day in the morning. The accessories that you add to your bathroom make the experience more and more luxurious. Because Trex decking is so versatile and durable it can be used for a variety of things like flooring, accent walls, or custom shower benches.

Since Trex decking is water resistant, smooth to the touch, does not splinter, and will not crack it is a perfect material for a shower bench. Trex decking resembles real wood so closely that it gives a very natural vibe that will bring a spa like feel to your home.

A shower bench made from Trex decking can serve many purposes and will fast become one of your favorite additions.

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons to install a Trex decking shower bench today!

Reasons for Trex Custom Shower Benches

  • Interior Design: A Trex decking shower bench can make a large luxurious shower even more inviting or bring some flair to a smaller more ordinary stall. Trex decking blends well with tile or stone and with compliment the current features of your shower.
  • Relaxation: Having a spa-like bathroom is a new trend for homeowners. Using natural elements mixed with tile and stone is relaxing yet stunning. Not only is it aesthetically calming a Trex shower bench will provide you with an actual place to take a load off while showering.
  • Accessibility: This resting place can also be very functional for an elderly or injured person who cannot stand for long periods of time. Depending on the shower and where it is installed it can easily be accessible for a wheel chair transition. There are several shower products on the market for handicap use but they have drawbacks. A Trex decking shower bench is attached to the shower wall and therefore safe. There is no risk of slipping, sliding, or tipping over.
  • Convenience: A Trex decking shower bench is not only beautiful but functional.

Women! Do you love having a place to raise your leg while shaving? Your Trex decking shower bench is the answer.

Does your shower lack shelving or places to store shower accessories? A Trex decking shower bench can provide a mid-level space to set bottles, sponges, razors, and other things for easy access.

  • Customizable: Despite the size of your shower you can build a Trex decking bench that will fit nicely inside. Trex decking boards are easy to cut and can quickly be customized to fit into any shape. You can also incorporate a u-shaped bench or a l-shaped bench if space allows for extra space and dimension.

Trex decking offers signature lines that are stunning. There is no doubt that you will find a color that works for you. Whether you are adding your Trex decking shower bench to an existing bathroom or you are doing a complete remodel the color palette will make it easy to keep with your décor theme.

No matter the reason, you will love your Trex decking shower bench! This is a great way to enhance the look of your bathroom while increasing its performance.