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As the mountain pine beetle continues to try to overtake the Colorado Rockies those in the lumber and forest industries are constantly striving to find positives in the face of devastation. One way is by using blue stain pine as sustainable beetle kill flooring for homes and businesses.

Flooring made from beetle kill pine is beautiful and unique. The hint of blue that runs through the veins of the wood is so striking that it seems to have been man made. But this is not the case, when the beetle travel under the bark of the ponderosa pines that pepper the Rocky Mountains, they leave a trail of blue fungus. The source of the exquisiteness of beetle kill pine is also the true killer of the tree as well. What an oxymoron!

Beetle Kill Flooring

The blue-grey stained beetle kill pine trees are killed naturally as a result of the infestation. The lumber is then taken and turned into flooring, wall and ceiling trim, beams, furniture, mantels, and much more.

Because of its natural finish beetle kill pine is great for a rustic or beachy look. Using beetle kill pine flooring will leave you feeling like you’re in a cabin in the middle of nowhere or relaxing in a beach side cottage.

However, in essence, because of its versatile look beetle kill pine flooring will mix with any décor from minimalistic to contemporary and everything in between.

Remember to Acclimate Your Beetle Kill Flooring

When you decide to use beetle kill, flooring make sure that you are purchasing the real thing and from a reputable dealer. One of the keys that your beetle kill pine is real is if your dealer tells you how to acclimate the lumber after you get it home.

Because beetle kill pine is a softwood, it will take some time to acclimate to the moisture content of your home. You want to make sure that it has been allowed to sit. Depending on the interior of your home and the climate that you live in the time it takes to completely acclimate will vary.

Is Beetle Kill Flooring Safe

Many homeowners are often skittish about using blue stain pine in fear of insect infestation and health risks from the blue fungus that gives it its name. Don’t Worry! Blue stain pine is subjected to heat treatment during the manufacturing process that ensures no creatures are left nesting in your new flooring.

Furthermore, the blue fungus that the mountain pine beetle spreads throughout the lumber is of no harm to humans.

The blue fungus also does not decay or break down the wood after the manufacturing process so the flooring will never be compromised.

So, if you are in the market for flooring and are still looking at all of your options visit Rocky Mountain Forest Products to see beetle kill pine up close. Photos and pictures on the internet do not do it justice! Blue stain pine will bring a new and inviting ambiance to your home and will be the envy of family and friends!