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Did you know that exotic hardwoods can be used to construct an outdoor deck?

That’s right, exotic hardwoods are a phenomenal deck flooring option. While there are numerous types to choose from, mahogany wood is the top choice among Denver homeowners when it comes exotic hardwood decking.

Mahogany is a popular material choice and for good reason. From the beautiful straight grain pattern and rich color tones to its workability and strength, homeowners can’t go wrong with this exotic hardwood.

Like any kind of raw wood decking material, mahogany needs regular maintenance. What should homeowners do to keep their mahogany deck in tip-top shape? Why is it important to maintain a mahogany deck? What are the best techniques to ensure a mahogany deck lasts for years?

Let’s explore why mahogany wood is not exempt from regular upkeep and maintenance.

Qualities of Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is a sought-after deck flooring for its durability. It is naturally moisture-resistant, which allows it to hold up extremely well during the harsh Colorado winters.

Wet weather is a fair-weather friend to wood decking. It causes wood to rot, deteriorate, and decay. But since mahogany wood is resistant to moisture, it is also inherently rot-resistant.

Part of the reason mahogany is rot-resistant is due to its dense grain. It is significantly denser than traditional softwoods, and moisture has a difficult time soaking into dense wood material.

In addition, mahogany wood is insect-resistant. Dense wood is hard to chew through, so pests have a difficult time chomping on mahogany.

Although mahogany starts out with plenty of redeeming qualities, it needs help maintaining those attributes. Colorado winters can pack quite the punch, and outdoor wood decks are vulnerable to weather-related damage.

How to Protect Mahogany Wood

Water-damaged or weather-worn wood results in cracked, split, and warped wood. If a wood deck begins to break down, it loses its durability and stability. When this occurs, a deck can quickly turn into a dangerous setting.

Decks are meant to be an extension of your living space where friends, family, children, and pets can enjoy hours of outdoor fun. Proper and regular upkeep is the key to creating a strong and sturdy deck.

When it comes to maintaining a mahogany deck, consider these five maintenance suggestions:

#1 Apply a Coat of Stain

Applying a coat of stain is an excellent way to maintain a mahogany deck. It acts as a protective layer to help the wood repel water. When you take steps to decrease the risk of water damage, you significantly extend the life of your wood deck.

Stains vary in opacity or transparency. The lower the opacity, the more visible the wood grain pattern and natural wood color will be after you apply the stain.

#2 Treat the Deck with High-Quality Oil

Treating a mahogany deck with timber oil is another way to safeguard your deck. It is critically important to apply high-quality oil, though. The better the quality, the better your results.

Just like stain, oils help control moisture and minimize warping, all while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. A clear or untinted oil is typically best for mahogany.

#3 Remove Snow Build-up

This tip is not about applying any sort of product to your deck. Rather, it is a reminder to remove snow from your deck periodically.

Snow is bound to accumulate on your deck during a Colorado winter, so it’s not practical to rush out to your deck every time a snowflake lands on it. But snow is wet and snow is heavy, so this suggestion is more about being mindful of how much and how long you’ve allowed that snow pileup to remain on your deck.

Also, make sure to not dump snow from your roof down onto your deck. The extra plop of weight can severely damage a deck.

#4 Clear Away Debris

Debris locks in moisture. For example, let’s say your trees tend to drop a decent amount of leaves onto your deck, and before you get a chance to clear away those leaves, a rain or snowstorm moves in. Now, those leaves are a wet mass keeping moisture right against the surface of your wood.

Keeping your mahogany deck clear of debris is one of the easiest ways to prolong its life.

#5 Take the Time to Inspect Your Deck

The idea behind this tip is to catch small issues before they turn into big problems. Rotted wood is nearly impossible to bring back to life, and when it does begin to deteriorate, it typically needs to be replaced entirely.

As you regularly inspect your mahogany deck, you will be able to see its weak spots. Maybe direct sunlight hits a certain area or perhaps the sprinkler system sprays water onto one corner. Whatever the issue, catching it early on can help you resolve the problem before the damage is done.

Building a Deck with Speciality Wood

While a mahogany deck does require a bit of upkeep, any type of natural wood deck will come with some sort of suggested maintenance. Raw wood tends to break down over time, but a well-maintained mahogany deck is sure to last years upon years.

In Denver, specialty lumber is a decking material you simply can’t go wrong with. With its rot-resistant qualities and dense nature, mahogany is an exotic hardwood that homeowners request again and again.