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As more and more people are opting for composite decking instead of traditional wood, the competition has become quite fierce. This has left many people wondering, is Trex Decking better than PVC? PVC decking is nothing like composite decking and especially Trex Decking.

PVC is made up of virgin plastic where composite decking like Trex is made of a wood and plastic combination. This blend is comprised of recycled organic and plastic materials.

Overall composite decking like Trex trumps any PVC decking without fail. So…

Is Trex Decking Better Than PVC?

We know it is. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Trex Decking can withstand and hold up to the elements better than PVC. Your deck is exposed all year long to sun, rain, snow, and wind. Trex decking is resistant to all of this and much more. It will not mold, splinter, crack, or fade. While PVC can eventually have discoloration from rugs, planters, and furniture Trex decking will not.

PVC also shrinks and expands with the hot and cold causing irregular spacing between boards. This gives your deck a tacky and unprofessional look.

  • PVC does not come in the array of natural colors that Trex does. The designers of Trex have created three sophisticated color palettes to match your home to the outdoors.


Furthermore, the appearance and texture of Trex resembles real wood not plastic. It has a matte finish and wood like grain that you will not find in a PVC decking. PVC decking is shiny and smooth to the touch making it look like faux wood.

Because this natural look is more aesthetically appealing it will enhance the curb appeal of your home!

  • PVC eventually oxidizes leaving it with a white and chalky appearance. This discoloration is even more visible with the darker PVC decking colors. Trex will not fade or lose its original luster even after decades of exposure.


  • Trex is much more affordable than PVC decking. Since PVC decking does not contain any post-consumer recycled materials it costs more to produce. Also, unlike Trex, the price of PVC fluctuates with the prices of oil making the final cost of your deck unpredictable.


Furthermore, in the long run PVC will cost more because it will eventually need to be replaced and/or repaired. Your Trex decking will never need repairs and will last for decades.

  • Trex decking is a much eco-friendlier choice than PVC. Trex decking is 25% recyclable making it one of the largest recyclers in the United States.

Trex Decking

The Trex company has also committed to using vegetable -based oil hydraulics for its machinery! There is not a PVC company in existence that has made the same strides to be green.

Only Trex decking can offer you these benefits along with its top-notch visual aesthetics and durability. There is no match for Trex decking when it comes to composite decking. Trex also takes great pride in its outdoor living accessories to enhance your deck and your entertaining experience. So, install your Trex deck today and sit back and relax all Summer long!

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Trex Decking materials (and railing as well!). If you are interested in using Trex Decking on your next project, give us a call! We’d be happy to walk you through the process and answer any and all questions you have!