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Most Common Questions

Why Should I Buy From Rocky Mountain Forest Products?

We have been in business for 40 years and have expertise that you can trust; our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions that you may have. Our primary objective is to provide you with remarkable customer service that connects you with the products that you want at a great price–without sacrificing quality, of course.

What Makes You Better Than Your Competitors?

Unlike our competitors, we stock  all of our materials in one of our three lumber yards so that you can see what you are buying beforehand. This removes any unwanted surprises or misrepresentation. You can see exactly what will be installed on your property.

Will Rocky Mountain Forest Products Deliver?

We can certainly deliver to any home within Colorado with our statewide fleet of trucks. Beyond that, we can even arrange to have your products delivered anywhere in the country with our freight shipping solutions. Rest assured that you are getting the best-priced products in the country delivered to your doorstep in days.

What does Mill Direct mean?

 Mill Direct means that we buy all of our lumber directly from the lumber mills here in the United States and all across the globe. This allows us to offer harder to find products, stricter quality control and custom milling capabilities. If you can dream it, we can do it. 

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Wood Siding Has Many Different Looks

Wood siding doesn ‘t just appear on traditional homes, in fact, it has many looks.
It is becoming increasingly common to use siding on more modern looking homes, as well as choosing to mix and match wood siding with other types of material like ledgestone, cement, brick, etc. Whether you want a farmhouse style, alpine lodge, or modern, you’ ll find that wood siding really is more adaptable than is made to believe.
If you ‘re looking for a few ideas for wood siding, or just want to see some of the many ways that wood siding can be used, take a look at these:
Lodge Style
If you notice, this home has a sort of winter or lodge style feel to it. It utilizes stone wainscoting with a layer of ship lap. This is a style that can be seen with many homes here in the Denver area as it so pleasantly fits the mountain lifestyle.

The Farmhouse
We’ ve been noticing that the

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Why We Are the Best Wholesale Lumber Yard in Denver

Rocky Mountain Forest Products is a wholesale lumber yard that has served over 1 million customers in the last 40 years. This accomplishment is due to our singular mission: to provide better service and better quality than any of our competitors.

We have achieved this by building relationships with over 2,500 contractors that are deeply nestled into the consumer market, working with hundreds of homeowners. We also work with hundreds of DIY’ers who want quality products at a price that works for them. Buying our lumber and building materials directly from lumber mills and quarries allow us to bring these excellent prices to our customers. In all sense this reflects our commitment to bringing unbeatable prices for quality materials to the marketplace. 

Come visit us for higher quality lumber for lower prices than the big box stores. Give us a call or visit our showroom to see the difference and learn why hundreds of homeowners choose Rocky Mountain Forest Products for their lumber needs!


After careful consideration, I am ever so thankful that I chose Rocky Mountain Forest Products to supply the materials for my custom deck design. The quality of the materials and the custom support was far superior to what I have ever received from other larger box stores.

Mike Hawk, Testimonial from Google+