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Where Can I Find Colorado Beetle Kill Pine?

In Colorado of course!

This material is inherently unique to the state of Colorado. The mountain pine beetle has killed a large quantity of Lodgepole pine, Douglas Fir and even Whitebark Pine and as a result “Blue Stain Fungus” is spread among these species.

The result? A bluish or grayish discoloration of the wood, while not causing decay and maintaining its strength.


Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, our inventory of Colorado Beetle Kill Pine materials come from Lodgepole Pine and can be milled for any project type! Whether it be flooring, siding or timbers – you can’t go wrong with choosing Beetle Kill Pine for your next project.


Because this material originates right here in Colorado, local specialty lumber product suppliers will most likely carry some sort blue stain product. But to help narrow your search options, come visit us and check out all our options. As Colorado’s number 1 specialty lumber product supplier, we have the largest and widest selection at the best price.

Big box stores may or may not have access to these same materials, or of similar quality, as us. With our 41 years of business expertise in the lumber industry, we’re able to get better materials at a lower cost, ultimately saving you money.

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So if you’re interested in adding Colorado Beetle Kill pine to your home, give us a call! We’ll help you get your project starting on the right foot without breaking the bank.