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The Tuscany Aluminum Railing line from Westbury offers a top-tier quality of strength matched with superb beauty at every corner. With their innovative engineering and long history of providing effective and great-looking products, Westbury’s aluminum railing products are no exception.

Creating a retreat in your own space has never been easier thanks to Tuscany Aluminum Railings. The traditional look of the Tuscany series is the perfect addition of modern charm and much-needed performance in terms of safety and durability. Every deck needs a railing, and Westbury offers some of the top products on the market to get the job done right.

In comparison to other railing systems, Westbury aluminum railings offer the fastest installation, outstanding performance, and code approval for both residential and commercial construction.

Benefits of Westbury Tuscany Aluminum Railings:

-Permanent finish
-Fade resistant
-Lifetime limited warranty
-Ease of installation
-Low installation costs
-Low maintenance


Deck Railing

Tuscany C10 Railing

Aluminum Deck Railing

Most notably, Westbury offers a line of aluminum railing materials known as Tuscany Aluminum Railing. The Tuscany series features the classic look of a 2-rail design and is offered in a variety of colors. The rails are accented with ¾” x ¾” square balusters (also known as the C10 system) and come with a lifetime warranty.

When compared to top competitors, Tuscany Aluminum Railings consistently outperform and maintain their beauty and quality throughout the years.


The Powder Coating Difference

It’s no secret that the Tuscany Aluminum Railing systems from Westbury are some of the best railing solutions on the market. Their powder coating technique on these products is one of the things that Westbury attributes their success to. 

Powder coating is a versatile finishing process that adds a durable layer of protection to the railings. This hard finish is tougher and lasts longer than conventional paint. Westbury’s innovative manufacturing process has allowed for powder coating to provide world-class protection from the elements and superb durability that’s built to last. It’s no wonder Tuscany Aluminum Railings are so widely used and appreciated.


  • Railing Heights: 36″ and 42″
  • Railing Lengths: 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, and 8′
  • Stair Rail Lengths: same as railing lengths above
  • Posts: Most commonly used is the 3″, but additional sizes include: 2″, 2 1/2″, 4″, 4″ deco post, and 6″ deco post.

Color Selections

There is a wide selection of great colors available from the Tuscany C10 lineup. Here at RMFP, we have chosen to stock products in Black Fine Texture, as this is what is most commonly requested. If there is another color you desire, we can order in any of the colors below!

Satin Black
Black Fine Texture
Ninety Bronze
Bronze Fine Texture
Speckled Walnut
Sandy Shore
White Fine Texture
Gloss Beige
Gloss White
Brown Fine Texture
Grey Fine Texture

Disadvantages of the Competition

Composite Railing

Composite railing systems are often expensive, difficult to install, less durable, and require frequent upkeep.

Wood Railing

Wood railing systems are prone to warping or splitting, require paint or stain, need frequent and costly maintenance, and may call for replacement after a relatively short amount of time.

Steel Railing

Metal and steel railings can sometimes corrode and develop rust, are often heavy and a pain to install, may require additional paint coats due to fading, and are offered in limited color and style options.

Vinyl Railing

Vinyl Railings are not always dimensionally stable and can warp, are available in fewer color options, are prone to quick fading, and are considerably less durable than many of their competitors.

10-Step Powder Coating Technique

Step 1 – Highly trained manufacturers inspect the raw, premium-grade aluminum materials. They check for any signs of blemishes or other unwanted damages consistent with being exposed to the outdoors. 

Step 2 – The materials enter a heated acidic cleaning device used to remove any debris and oils from fabrication.

Step 3 – The product is rinsed with city water to fully clean its surface.

Step 4 – The materials are then cleaned again with recycled reverse osmosis water.

Step 5 – To ensure the products are 100% clean and free of any debris, they are rinsed once more with pure reverse osmosis water.

Step 6 – The materials are then sealed with a dried-in-place aluminum sealer.

Step 7 – To remove the water remnants from the pre-treated aluminum, a 200 MPH burst of air is blasted on the materials.

Step 8 – The drying process is made complete by sending the products through a convection oven to fully rid them of any moisture content.

Step 9 – With 18 automated and 2 manual spray guns, the powder is then applied to the materials. The compressed process air is dried to a -35°F dew point for the highest available level of adhesion.

Step 10 – Finally, the powder coating is bonded to the aluminum products in a 400 degree cure stage.

*It’s important to note that this process produces zero VOC emissions and no parts are touched by humans to maintain a supreme cleanliness of the powder coating manufacturing. In addition, ten quality control checks are made per hour to ensure the finalized products are consistent with a top tier level of quality and perfection.

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