Trex Decking is a high- performance budget friendly composite decking. This decking system is not just decking but includes lighting, railing, and its own deck frame.

When people approach your deck, the railing is often the first thing that they see. Your railing system is meant to highlight your deck and the other features that you spent time planning out.

Whether your deck is minimalist, modern, or more traditional Trex Decking Railing lines will be right for you.

The Trex Railing system that you choose allows you to frame off your deck while still showing off your yard and landscaping.

With Trex Railing you can also pair as you choose between the railing lines. The balusters, post caps, and posts can be mixed and matched to get the perfect look.

When you use Trex Decking and Railing you can rest assured that you have made and environmentally friendly choice. Trex Decking and Railing is made of recycled materials.

There are three Trex Railing lines to choose from:


11722 W 44th Ave.,
Wheat Ridge, CO


5075 Tabor Street,
Wheat Ridge, CO

Colorado Springs

10605 Charter Oak
Ranch Rd, Fountain, CO

Deck Railing

Trex Signature Railing

Metal Deck Railing

This railing line provides effortless style with an exceptional strength and durability.

This elegantly neutral railing line is one of the more sleek aluminum options available. It has been designed to blend into your surroundings with grace.

The Signature Railing series has a new and modern horizontal baluster choice that gives a more commercial design. It offers the same strength and durability as a vertical baluster but with a very unique look.

Color Options:


The Signature Railing series has three rail color choices:

  • Classic White: The milky aluminum rails offer a gentle contrast to greenery and other landscaping and blends with all exterior home colors
  • Bronze: This burnished tone almost looks as if it isn’t there. It picks up the other natural outdoor tones and fits right in.
  • Charcoal Black: Dark and sleek the charcoal black rail is elegant but playful and becomes one of the highpoint additions to your deck.


There are two rod colors to couple with the rail:

  • Platinum: This flaxen rod choice will add some elemental charm to your outdoor living space
  • Charcoal Black: This charcoal black rod will provide some definitive dimension to the confines of your dec


Trex Transcend Railing

Metal Deck Railing

The Trex Transcend Railing line gives you complete design freedom with a host of color options. These colors can be paired to contrast or compliment each other really giving your outdoor living space character.

With the ability to mix and match railings and rods your Trex Deck and Transcend railing will look like they are straight out of a magazine.

Color Options:

  • Classic WhiteThe clean glimmer of classic white will provide some clean lines to your outdoor living space
  • Rope SwingThis carefree neutral tone will give a warm ambiance to your Trex Deck
  • Tree HouseThis quiet but pleasant color selection will allow you to give some “indoor like” comfort with ease
  • Gravel PathThis unique gray tone with give your deck some sophisticated mystery by adding some subtle contrast
  • Fire Pit: The somewhat burnt orange flair that Fire Pit eludes will give your deck some vibrant flair
  • Vintage LanternThis dark raisin brown looks amazing when paired with a lighter brown or dark tan Tres Decking options
  • Charcoal Black: No matter what other color scheme you have going you can’t go wrong with the domineering essence of black

Trex Select Railing

Metal Deck Railing

The Trex Select Railing system is classic and chic at the same time. The clean lines make it a timeless choice that will last the entire life of your deck.

The Trex Select Decking line is an effective way to edge off your deck but with style. Why change what works!

Color Options:

  • Classic White: Pairing the classic white railing with any of the Trex Decking choices is the quickest way to add crisp highlights
  • Charcoal Black: If you are looking to add a deep richness to your Trex Deck charcoal black is the way to go

Trex Signature Railing

After reviewing the Trex Railing System options you can see that the creators had design in mind. The goal was to make pairing your decking choice with railing options easier than ever.

Coordinate It!

If you prefer a more harmonious look you can find a decking and railing selection that will provide complete unity.

Contrast It!

If a distinctive visual perception is what you’re after mixing and matching the Trex Decking Options and the Railing selections is the way to go.

Change It Up!

For an even more dramatic statement, mix and match two completely different design styles. Since all of the Trex Decking lines have similar characteristics this can be a successful endeavor.


Once you have completed your truly luxuriate deck, don’t forget to consider the add-ons and extras that Trex Decking has to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your deck!