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The Story of Trex Fencing

Trex is a composite building materials manufacturer that works with thousands of suppliers across the nation. As a manufacturer, Trex takes pride in the materials they sell and they offer many different resources for their customers to use no matter who the supplier they purchase from. As a supplier of Trex, we make sure our entire team is educated and knowledgeable on all of the products we carry so our clients can be 100% informed with honest and transparent pricing and information. If you are looking for Trex composite decking check out of our decking page or contact us today!

Trex Fencing is a composite style of fence that follows the design of a traditional privacy fence. There are many different benefits when it comes to using composite fencing as opposed to natural wood fencing. Aside from the benefits that composite fencing offers, Trex fencing is available in several different colors and profiles so everyone can find exactly what they are looking for and be able to customize their design.

Traditional Trex Fencing

Trex Fencing first launched their product line with Trex Traditional Fencing. Trex’s Traditional Fencing is a composite privacy fence that still allows you to have the benefits of a privacy fence such as security, privacy, and a secure perimeter, but with the added benefits of composite fencing. Before we get into why composite fencing is a great option, let’s talk about their fencing and the options offered.


All of the fencing colors are neutral and versatile, so customizing is easier for you. Every color also fades to a specific color after weathering so you can be prepared for the color your fence will be once it is exposed to the elements and adjusts as time goes on.


Saddle is a lighter brown, more earth tone color that starts off like a light brown and eventually will fade into a light maple color.

Winchester Grey

Winchester Grey is a lighter grey that starts off browner, but as time goes on and the material fades the color turns into a light grey. The reason for this is that most people prefer the grey color and don’t want it to fade. So, the color is set to fad in the perfect grey!

Woodland Brown

Woodland Brown is a chocolate brown color that is very neutral and ideal for anyone looking for a traditional warm color to accent their outdoor space. As this color fades, the brown gets slightly lighter but still stays relatively the same color.

Benefits of Traditional Trex Fencing


All of the traditional fencing is beautiful no matter what color or profile you chose. Trex’s color choices and fencing options are ideal for customization and creating your own design. Even after years of being installed and being faded completely, the colors are still vibrant and intense!


Trex as a company is an easy company to work with even if you are buying directly from a supplier like RMFP. They offer resources like cost calculators, inspiration galleries, product knowledge and online galleries to help design your own fence.


Trex’s fencing is resistant to rot, warping, and cracking because it is a composite material, but also because it is manufactured to be durable and withstand possible damage.

Why Composite Trex Fencing?

Cost – Composite materials can be very affordable and much cheaper than alternatives. Of course, the price also depends on the location you purchase the material from but in general, you can very easily stay within a budget while shopping for composite fencing.

Durability – Composite is a very durable material because it is manufactured to withstand a lot of possible damage. In Colorado, we have very unpredictable weather and you never know what your materials are getting exposed to. Composite fencing can withstand high winds, temperature changes, rain, hail and snow with little to no damage.

Resistance to Damage – Because composite fencing is a plastic material, it is resistant to things like rotting, warping, mold and all the aspects of damage that can occur with natural wood.

Easy to Take Care Of –Composite fencing is a very low maintenance material to take care of, which is why it’s a number one choice for homeowners looking for a stress-free alternative. To care for composite fencing, all you have to do is simply wash off the surface by hosing it off or wiping down the surface.

Trex Fence Design Inspiration

Here are various pictures from Trex’s online gallery of past jobs and inspiration to share with their clients. Trex offers multiple different resources that can help you in the process of building and design, which we will get into later. Let’s start with inspiration. Below are some pictures they have posted to give customers some ideas for how you can decorate your Trex Fence and the different options that are available.

This style is their traditional fence style; however, it is paired with a pergola which enhances the design of your outdoor space. It helps you see the whole vision when you are designing a deck space. You can also see how a Trex fence looks when it’s on level ground and is all one height.

This style of Trex Fence is similar to the one above but it’s a darker color, which helps you get an idea for the color you are looking for. It also has different heights to accommodate the ground layout and is paired with landscaping and some planting boxes. You can also see a different style of the post being used to the left side of this picture.

Now this style of fencing is the perfect example of how Trex offers some unique styles that could potentially give you the exact design look you have been searching for. You still get the privacy and security of a privacy fence, but with a little twist on the design aspect.

Additional Benefits of Working
With Trex Fencing

Cost Calculator

Have you ever worked with a manufacturer and have had to guess the prices of things? Well, you won’t have to anymore. When you purchase Trex products, even if you get it from a supplier, you have access to their resources on their website to help you through the process. On their website, they have a cost calculator that will give you straight forward estimates for the cost of all of your materials. This way, there are no guessing games and you get transparent numbers that are true to what you should expect.

DIY Checklist

As a DIYer, you want to do everything you can yourself. Most homeowners prefer to do it this way because they have complete control over the design of their home. Trex offers a checklist that fully lays out a step by step list of things to follow as a DIYer. Of course, here at RMFP we work with DIYers all the time and are very familiar with doing projects yourself. If you ever have any questions or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we can get you connected with the right team member!

Step by Step Guide

Buying materials for a fence can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before. Trex, as well as us here at RMFP, offers a step by step guide that will help you through the process so you can feel that you’re on top of things. It is easy to get stressed and to feel like you’ve lost control, which is what we want to avoid. On Trex’s website, they have a step by step guide that will give you insight on the process. Here at RMFP, we can guide you through each step in the buying process and give you only the most transparent information possible.

Online Designer

Along with their online gallery, they have an online designer that can take the different types of fencing that you want to create a fence design that is perfect for you based on your needs. It will give you sketches of what your fence could look like, so you can visualize the look of your fence.

Trex Fencing Lattice Décor

If you want to add something unique to your fence, but you still want the benefits of privacy fencing, you should consider lattice décor. This is a great way to give your fence a more designed look. You can also add vines or plants that are weaved in-between the openings to incorporate some greenery into the design as well. See examples below:

Privacy Fence Paired with Lattice

In this picture, you can see traditional privacy with lattice at the top 1’ of the fence. This lets you have the privacy and security, but still have a lattice design!

Lattice Sheet Only

This picture shows how you can use just a lattice sheet as an alternative to your privacy fence.

Lattice with Greenery

Here is an example of how this style looks with lighter vines weaved in between the gaps. You can make it as full of greenery or as light as you want.

Lattice Fencing Options at Trex

In the black profiles of lattice, Trex offers the following sizes: 1/4”,1/2”,3/4” and 1”.

In the white profiles of lattice, Trex offers the following sizes: 1/4”,1/2”,3/4”, and 1”.

Check out their website for more information or give us a call today!

Here at RMFP, we take pride in selling only the highest quality of materials possible. Whether that means the material comes from the manufacturer or directly from a mill, we want to only sell you the best materials. If you want to learn more about Trex or place an order, give us a call today or come visit us at either of our three locations. Our team is educated and ready to help you through the entire process, starting with the buying and into the design!