LP® SmartSide® Soffit

LP SmartSide Soffit compliments your siding with ease of matching and installation.


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Available in vented and non-vented, when you use LP® SmartSide® Soffit on your projects people will notice your attention to every detail. You’ll get the same wood grain or smooth look that matches other LP SmartSide products in a soffit that’s pre-cut to the width you need. Plus, our vented soffit is the perfect alternative to hand-installed metal vents with its precisely cut, bug-resistant vents.

Product Specs & Application Instructions

LP SmartSide products are available in varying widths, lengths, textures, and profiles to meet all of your installation needs. Find all those details and product specifications here.

How To Install LP SmartSide Soffit

Features & Benefits

  • Plywood or hand-installed metal vents
  • Precisely cut vents to meet code requirements
  • Vents promote consistent airflow and reduce paint build up
  • 1/8” Vent keeps bees and hornets out
  • No ripping of full sheets
  • Wood strand or fiber substrate treatment
  • Comes with an Industry Leading Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty

Choose LP SmartSide products with confidence.

Product Specs & Application Instructions

LP uses an SFI® certified forest management and fiber sourcing system to help ensure that the wood that goes into our products comes from well-managed forests. Learn about our environmental programs..

Interested in Product Specifications and Installation Information?