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Log Siding

Everything There Is to Know


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The Basics of Log Siding

The exterior of your home is the number one most important thing when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. The exterior of your home is the first thing any person driving by or a visitor sees and will set the mood for the interior of your home. You want your home to be inviting, welcoming and look cozy so your guests can’t wait to venture inside.

What is Log Siding?

Log siding (also known as log lap siding) is an alternative to the traditional siding options. Have you ever wanted to live in a home that looked like it was straight out of Alaska? Log lap siding is a way for you to achieve the traditional log cabin look without the high prices of using actual logs in the building process.

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log lap siding profile
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Why Choose Log Cabin siding Over Real Logs?

#1: Real logs are very unaffordable when it comes to building a home. The initial building process can get expensive, as well as the maintenance to keep your home always looking great. For example, if you have a real log home and need to replace one of the logs due to rotting, mold, or mildew you will have to remove every log up to the damaged one. With log siding you can simply pop off that panel and replace it with no issues.

#2: Home Insurance costs can be higher with a real log home because of the repair costs that can come with certain damages and wear and tear over the years. With the alternative log siding, your homeowners insurance doesn’t rise because there is no added risk to having log siding as opposed to traditional siding.

#3: The overall aesthetics of your home are very important to you as a homeowner. You want your home to look great from the inside out, so you are the talk of the neighborhood and your visitors are left with their jaws dropped. Because log siding is such a unique type of siding that isn’t commonly used, you can instantly increase the value of your home and increase the amount of interested buyers when you go to sell your home one day. Log siding is also very easy to maintain, which we will get into later on.

Benefits To Log Cabin Siding


Log cabin siding is easy to find and is affordable. Of course the price depends on the supplier and the amount of siding you need, but compared to most siding options, log cabin siding is considered affordable.

Eco Friendly:

While you are using real logs, you aren’t using the entire log. You are only using the face surface which means you can preserve one log for multiple jobs, which cuts deforestation in half.

No Need to Paint or Stain:

Because log cabin siding is made of real wood, you don’t have to worry about painting or staining your siding. You can seal it with a transparent paint or stain, which we’ll talk more about in the maintenance portion of this page.

Saves You Money:

Not only does log cabin siding help increase the value of your home, but it can help you save money because it acts as insulation for the exterior of your home.

Design Inspiration

When it comes to any type of siding, there are many different ways you can install the siding to give your home a unique look, compared to your neighbors’ homes. Most homeowners go with the traditional horizontal siding look, however that’s not the only option. With any type of siding, you can change up the layout. With faux log siding, you can get creative and install your siding horizontally and follow tradition or your can switch it up and lay it vertically. Another way that log siding can be installed is off center with one another. Rather than having all your siding panels even with each other, you can mix up the layout and give your home a more dimensional look. Log siding in general will catch the eyes of people driving by and visitors, but changing the traditional layout will heighten the appeal.

This is the typical log siding profile for an 8” log cabin siding panel.

When you are designing the exterior of your home, you want to be able to customize it to the best of your ability which includes the layout, the profile and the color. The exterior color of your home is probably the most important aspect of your curb appeal because the color is what makes your home stand out. With log lap siding, because it is made from natural wood, you can find it in many different color shades dependent on the species of wood that you are using. The color choices can depend on whether or not the brand you are buying is faux or true wood. If the log lap siding is true wood you can even paint or stain it to match whatever color you please.

Aside from color and the layout of log lap siding, you can use this type of siding for many different things rather than just the exterior siding on your house. Now, with this type of siding a lot of people will think it’s crazy to use this type of siding for anything other than exterior siding on your house. A lot of designers use shiplap siding as accent walls on the interior of homes. This trend is growing more and more popular as the industry evolves.

Imagine this – the exterior of your home is log lap siding and looks straight out of a log home magazine, but the interior of your home doesn’t look like it’s a log cabin. Well, you can bring your log lap siding indoors by covering your interior walls. The main thing that makes log cabins so warm and cozy is the decor and the wooden walls. So, consider bringing the siding indoors to enhance the overall mountain cabin living.

Frequently Asked Questions About Log Siding

How long does log siding last?
Log siding can last for years with no signs of wear and tear because it is made of natural wood. Rather than being made with faux materials that have chemicals applied to them, with it being 100% natural there is less of a chance of deterioration. The only things you should watch out for are rot, moisture damage, and insects.

How do you fasten log siding?
This depends on the profile of the siding and whether or not your materials true wood or faux wood. Talk to your supplier and ask them what they recommend is the best way to fasten your siding.

How often does log siding need to be replaced?
Your log siding only needs to be replaced as often as you want. If you notice there are some damages or wear and tear, you can replace those panels one by one. As long as you keep up with the regular upkeep, you can prolong the overall life of your siding.

Does log siding increase the value of your home?
Log siding can increase the value of your home because it allows you to give your home a unique mountain cabin like home, without the high insurance costs.

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