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RePlank: Premium Wood Products

Whether you are talking railings, siding, framing, flooring, cabinetry, or other materials, wood has for centuries been one of the most widely used materials for home construction and decor. Over the years, the build process of creating these materials has aided in improving both aesthetics and structural integrity. RePlank strives to use the newest innovative manufacturing practices to ensure that each product they build is built well, and built to last.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, RePlank is a premium wood manufacturer founded by the Oerding family. RePlank’s goal is to supply buyers with top tier lumber products, as well as quality service to all.

RePlank Premium Wood Products
RePlank Relcaimed Redwood

RePlank Reclaimed Redwood

Whether you are looking to put up siding around a commercial building, or hoping to improve the look of your home with an accent wall, Reclaimed Redwood is a high quality product that will help you achieve your goals! Throughout its life, gains appealing colors and strength as it cures. These features are not available to new growth lumber, and can only be achieved with time. Knowing this, RePlank hand selects all the lumber they use. Not only does this provide consistency for RePlank, it ensures that the consumer receives the highest quality wood products money can buy. Sources for RePlank’s material include old beams from aged bridges, and similarly large and old structures. Reclaimed lumber like this cannot be manufactured from young growth forests due to the weathering and curing process that redwood goes through over time.

RePlank Details | Reclaimed Redwood

Available finishes | Sandpiper and Natural Finish


  • 100% Reclaimed Interior Siding is $11 a square foot (boxes are sold at 16 square foot ea.)
  • ¼” x 5? Interior Shiplap veneer profile all boards come in varying lengths in a 60”x6”x2” carton.
  • Cartons cost $160/ea plus tax.


  • 100% Reclaimed Exterior Siding is $13 a square foot (boxes are sold at 16 square foot ea.)
  • ⅝” x 4 ¾” & 5 ¾” exterior T&G veneer profile all boards come in varying lengths in a 60”x7”x4” carton (12 square foot bundle)
  • Bundles cost $144/ea plus tax.


In addition to the Reclaimed Redwood product, RePlank also offers reclaimed whiskey barrels! These quite unique looking boards make for an extremely unique floor. Options include:


Vintage Walnut


Tennessee Medley


Irish Pub


American Saloon

We can also offer reclaimed whiskey barrels which have a very unique look to them unlike any floor you have seen before. Whether it comes from the unique whiskey brand marks and many other options. They are available in:









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