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Reclaimed Wood


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The History of Reclaimed Wood

Where does reclaimed wood come from? That’s the first question that everyone always thinks when they hear about reclaimed wood. Well, reclaimed wood comes from buildings that have been abandoned or deconstructed to be rebuilt. Once the wood is sourced, it is taken to a mill to be repurposed so it can be resold for reuse as flooring, paneling, siding, and accents in your home

Most reclaimed wood is around 100 years old and is aged with weathering to give it a rustic and vintage look which is sought after by homeowners, designers, and contractors.

The rarity of reclaimed lumber has created a niche market for reclaimed lumber specialists to step in and serve as brokers for their customers. Since it is very difficult to keep a consistent inventory of such a specialized product, reclaimed lumber companies frequently search for materials on an order by order basis. Which makes it unpredictable to know what will be in-stock or available in a relevant time frame upon request.

Sourcing Reclaimed Wood

Why Reclaimed Wood

So, why should you choose reclaimed wood for your next project? For many, the love of reclaimed wood comes not only from its natural beauty but from its rich historical background. Homeowners feel that bringing these stories into their home brings about the character that cannot be achieved any other way. For others, it is strictly the durability and strength that is not found in any other material that lures them in.

No matter the reason, the love of wood, especially reclaimed wood is timeless. As humans, we are drawn to nature and to trees as they are all around us. The rustic look that comes from using reclaimed wood is a way to connect the present world to the past. Since reclaimed wood is used in its original state, each piece is adorned with unique characteristics and markings that cannot be replicated in nature or by man. No two pieces of reclaimed wood are the same. The rich colors and textures enhance your surroundings while being functional.

Before we look at many more reasons to use reclaimed wood let’s review exactly what it is. Reclaimed wood is lumber salvaged from centuries-old:

  • Schools
  • Mills
  • Ships
  • Warehouse
  • Wine Casts
  • Barrels
  • And More…. For whatever reason, these original structures were dismantled by choice or succumbed to time.

Reasons to Choose Reclaimed Wood
For Your Home

The Environment

Using reclaimed wood first and foremost preserves land and forests instead of depleting it. This means that the beautiful forests that stand around the world can remain untouched. Not only does the earth need forestation, so do various other plants and animals.

Pride in Giving Old Wood New Life

If reason number one resonated with you then so will this. If conservation is your passion, reusing reclaimed wood gives old lumber the chance to live again!

You're Looking For a Unique Product to Make a Statement

With reclaimed wood you not only are assured architectural quality, but a look that brings dimension, depth, ageless beauty, and mystery to your home. Unlike mass-produced wood, this lumber has “heart”. This exclusive wood will be the talking point of friends and family.

“Old Growth” Lumber is Not Available Anymore: Often people are in search of “old growth” lumber of wood that comes from trees that have reached their full maturity. This is because it is the strongest lumber in existence. Most of the forests that have “old growth” trees still standing are protected by logging laws, so they are untouchable. Reclaimed wood provides the same elements but is readily available.

1. Reclaimed Wood Can Be Re-Purposed: Reclaimed Wood will withstand time and can, therefore, be used over and over again by you or someone who buys your home.
2. Reclaimed Wood Is Very Versatile: If you love reclaimed wood you are very lucky! There are multiple ways in which you can incorporate it into your home. Reclaimed wood can be used for siding, flooring furniture, cabinets, paneling, mantels, decks, and beams.

Design Inspiration

Reclaimed wood is a new design fad that designers, flippers, and homeowners are getting more and more involved with. Reclaimed wood is lumber that is more than 100 years old and is repurposed into usable lumber to create furniture, framing, doors, accent walls, and more. Reclaimed wood is the perfect way for anyone going for a rustic, but the modern style in their home. Due to the age of the wood, the colors are washed, and the boards are sometimes warped giving them a rustic appearance! There are many ways you can get creative with reclaimed wood. Read this section to get ideas for yourself!

The Different Types of Reclaimed Wood

The type of reclaimed wood you can find varies depending on where the supplier gets it and how old it is. Typically, you can find hardwoods and softwoods, pines, old oak barn wood, blue stain, and many more. When it comes to picking the right reclaimed wood for the project, the big things to consider are whether it is indoors or outdoors, the existing décor in the space, the color that you want the wood to be, and what kind of style you are trying to achieve. For example, when designers are doing a rustic style remodel, a washed-out dark grey or light brown would be a good fit to enhance the style. Whereas for a more modern and warmer look, a darker denser color would look perfect.

A Few Ways You Can Get Creative with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls
The color and décor on the walls are the first things that our eyes are drawn to when we walk into a room. The walls frame the room and the color sets the vibe, whether it is bright and light or warm and dark! An inexpensive and relatively simple way to make a wall pop and look like it was done by a professional is by doing an accent wall. Reclaimed wood accent walls are very similar to traditional wood siding, the only difference is that they are either true reclaimed wood or faux reclaimed wood (traditional siding made to look reclaimed). You can arrange the boards in any pattern or design you choose which makes it customizable. When it comes to the color of the reclaimed wood, you do have the ability to paint over it but some choose not to show off the natural history and age.
Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors
An innovative way to repurpose old barn doors is to use them in place of normal doors into any room. Especially in small spaces when opening and closing doors get in the way, it would be much easier to have a sliding door, which is how barn doors are installed and used. Reclaimed wood doors are a great way to provide privacy, while also being stylish and looking like you hired a designer.
Reclaimed Wood Accents in the Kitchen
When renovating a kitchen, most designers and homeowners are looking for money-conscious ways to decorate and amplify the style of the kitchen. A creative way to do this is by using leftover reclaimed wood from a previous project in another room, or even if you buy the product just for this purpose it will look amazing. You can add reclaimed wood as a backsplash, an accent on a hood about a stove, or even as a small accent wall under an island. The ideas are endless!
Small Things Matter with Reclaimed Wood
When redecorating your home, DIY is the way to go. You save money, products, and you are able to customize your things just how you like them. Here are a few ideas of ways you can use reclaimed wood for decorations in your home. Starting with a blanket ladder, most everyone in their home has endless amounts of blankets and nowhere to store them in a cute way. A blanket ladder is a perfect way to do so. Just take a few pieces of reclaimed wood and frame them as a ladder to hang your blankets on. Another obvious way to use reclaimed wood is to frame mirrors and pictures, as well as creating wood signs with sayings, or patterns on them.

There are about a million different ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home- whether it’s through furniture, accent walls, framing, or décor objects around your home. Reclaimed wood is versatile, affordable, easy to maintain, and looks amazing with any motif!

Frequently Asked Questions About Reclaimed Wood

What is Reclaimed Wood? Where does it come from?
Reclaimed wood is an aged building material that is entirely wood. Reclaimed wood is usually around 100 years old and sourced from demolition sites of old barns, factories, and more. Once the wood is sourced, it is put through a milling process to be resold for projects and architectural builds.

What are some of the common problems to watch out for?
If you buy your reclaimed wood from a supplier that has a good reputation and/or is accredited, you won’t have to be cautious of it. However, because reclaimed wood is so old and has probably been through a lot in its life, you may come across boards with splits, cracks, or warps in it. Usually, this is not a huge concern because reclaimed wood is popular for its rustic and rugged look, which makes it easy for you to cover up the imperfections.

Will we ever run out of reclaimed wood?
The chances of us running out of reclaimed wood are very unlikely. As new buildings are being constructed, old buildings are aging, thus creating a continuous cycle.

Is reclaimed wood safe to use as a building material?
Reclaimed wood is typically left raw with no chemical treatments which makes them ideal for re-milling when it is sourced and reused. If any boards are found that have been used in chemical treatments those boards are not recycled to reduce the chance of chemicals being exposed.

Does reclaimed wood install like new wood?
New wood tends to be slightly easier to install because it is milled to be the correct size. It also isn’t warped or cracked which takes one step off the process of install. With reclaimed wood, it is usually just as easy to install as new wood. If a board has cracks or is warped, you just must take precautions to not increase the damage during install.

Is reclaimed wood expensive?
The cost of reclaimed wood is all dependent on the supplier, the age of the wood, and the overall condition. Overall, reclaimed wood is a reasonably affordable building material product.

How do I purchase reclaimed wood?
To purchase reclaimed wood, you want to find a local supplier in your area. Once you find a supplier, go visit their location and look at the different options they carry. You can also order certain reclaimed wood from certain suppliers online.

To contact us, visit our contact us tab and give any of our three locations a call to talk to a specialist to start the buying process today!