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What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood material that has aged for years in the form of old buildings, horse fences and distilleries. This wood has been weathered and seen day-to-day wear and tear. The appearance of reclaimed wood is rustic and distressed, which cannot be found in new lumber. The majority of reclaimed wood is usually over 100 years old, but has been considered sustainable and durable enough to be reused as building materials. Reclaimed wood is recycled from these locations and the building has been deconstructed strategically to allow the lumber to be reused.

Who are we and how are we different from other reclaimed wood companies?

Rocky Mountain Reclaimed is a sister company to Rocky Mountain Forest Products, a lumber and specialty building materials supplier. RMFP has been in business for over 45 years. We have new clients daily, along with our established contractors who have been with us for years. As a company, we have a wide range of experience working with different species and grades of lumber. We work to educate our salespeople, so they have the best of knowledge to pass on to their clients. We take the stress away from home building projects with no overwhelming sales tactics. We only offer real knowledge and upfront transparent pricing, with no hidden agenda.

What is Reclaimed Wood

What We Offer

At Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we offer a wide assortment of hand-selected reclaimed wood that has already been through a milling process and is ready to use right away. We carry true and faux reclaimed wood in multiple colors and profiles to ensure that our clients can find exactly what they are looking for. Every board has been cleaned up by a mill themselves or recreated to mimic the aesthetic of reclaimed wood.

And More!

White washed fence

The Top Five Reasons Our Reclaimed Wood Stands Out from the Rest

  1. Mill to Order:
    We have a wide variety of finishes and profiles to choose from that come directly from the mill.
  2. Simple Install:
    Our reclaimed wood has been re purposed in such a way that the percentage of waste is less than 10%. Due to its age, reclaimed wood has a high chance for cracking, warping, and splitting in the boards which can heighten the waste. With our process, we eliminate this problem all together.
  3. Long Lasting Staining and Treatment:
    All of our products are sold 100% finished, which means no staining is required unless you so choose to stain the product.
  4. Saving Money:
    We offer upfront and transparent pricing, which allows the customer to maintain their budget, without exceeding it.
  5. Nationwide Delivery:
    If you are doing a project or live out-of-state, we have you covered. We deliver anywhere within the lower 48 states.

True Reclaimed Siding Vs Faux Reclaimed Siding

True Reclaimed Siding

True reclaimed siding is 100% authentic wood that is re purposed timber that was taken from old structures, horse fences or distilleries from companies that were granted reclamation rights. The wood is taken and turned into a material that can be used as siding or flooring throughout homes. This preserves the history of old buildings and towns that were typically targeted by people looking to tear down structures for the reclaimed wood. By only using reclaimed wood that has been acquired legally, we are helping to save historical buildings that are at risk for being targeted by greed. True reclaimed siding typically needs no paint or stain and will still look fantastic with its distressed and rustic look. Usually this type of siding is either Ash, Elm, Oak, or Maple.

Faux Reclaimed Siding

Faux reclaimed siding is a new wood material that is recreated to look like reclaimed wood, but without the natural age and distress. This option tends to be more affordable and easier to come by. There are still multiple colors and profiles available, which often causes customers to be drawn to faux siding rather than genuine reclaimed wood. Faux reclaimed siding also has little to no maintenance once installed.

Due to the fact that faux reclaimed is not as commonly known, we understand if you have questions. If you want to learn more, give us a call! Our experienced sales staff would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding faux reclaimed wood siding!

A Little Bit About the Brands We Supply

Sustainable Lumber Company – SkipLap

Local to Montana, Sustainable Lumber Company is a well-known reclaimed siding company who sells a product they call “Skiplap.” Their products are 100% recycled material with a policy of zero waste. Any waste they do have such as sawdust or wood chips are donated to be used as animal bedding at ranches across the country. Sustainable Lumber Company is a down to earth and big-hearted company that put their clients first by offering a product that is repurposed and nothing is wasted. This product is a faux reclaimed wood siding.


Reclaimed Equestrian Fencing – Old World Timber

Old World Timber is a reclaimed wood company that has a wide selection of products from flooring, paneling, and wood accents. Their reclaimed wood used for accent walls is repurposed from old historic fencing. They are not only preserving history by keeping historic towns standing, but they are giving old fencing a new life. This specific material is perfect for anyone looking for a rustic and vintage style in their home. This product is real reclaimed wood siding.

Old World Timber

Traditional Wood Siding – Cedar, Beetle Kill, Pine, and Exotic Hardwoods

Our traditional wood siding product is stocked in a multitude of different profiles and species, which allows our customers to be able to customize their design to fit their exact needs and wants. All our wood siding is premium grade, meaning they have little to no knots or pitch streaks. Each board is crisp and clean looking which allows for a simple and carefree installation. Our siding is extremely easy to install, which means if you are a homeowner wanting to install it yourself, go ahead! If you are looking for a specific cut or species let us know and we will work hard to get you the product you desire!

Traditional Wood Siding

Siding Profiles We Carry:

Distinctive Channel Siding | Classic Bevel Siding | Shiplap Siding | Tongue and Groove Siding |
Log Lap Siding

RePlank – Premium Wood Materials

Located in Los Angeles CA, Replank is family run and has a mission to provide the highest quality material to their clients. They offer wood floor moldings, handrails, and tabletops that are both functional and durable. All of their materials go through a manufacturing process, ensuring it is the highest quality of the product. They offer both interior and exterior options in many different colors. This product is a real reclaimed wood siding.

Premium Wood Materials

Thermory – Quality Wood Products

Thermory is a superior wood company that sets the bar high within the industry. All of Thermory’s materials go through a thermal modification process that uses heat and steam to enhance the boards’ overall aesthetic. Their product is produced to be rot resistant, stable, Class B fire rated, durable, and termite resistant. A sophisticated, simple and unrivaled look. This product is a faux reclaimed wood siding.

Thermory Quality Wood Products

Montana Ghostwood – Siding

Montana Ghostwood manufactures siding that can be used as an interior and exterior application. They have a wide variety of colors and profiles to help customers choose their ideal design. This product has little to no upkeep, little defects, affordable pricing and is ecofriendly, certified, and 100% recycled waste. This product is a faux reclaimed wood siding.

Montana Ghostwood Siding
Montana Ghostwood Siding

Forever Barnwood – New Reclaimed Old

With a passion for the natural, Forever Barnwood keep all of their products 100% natural. Their products range in size up to 20” wide and 16’ long. They also carry multiple different colors as well as profiles. Their Barnwood line offers beams, mantles, countertops, barn doors, and flooring. This product is a faux reclaimed wood siding.

Forever Barnwood

Coeur D’ Alene – Reclaimed Wood

Coeur D’ Alene is a one-of-a-kind aged wood distributor. CDA’s reclaimed wood has an authentic aesthetic that is achieved by stimulating the natural aging of reclaimed wood by exposing the product to natural elements for a prolonged period. Their wood product does not require paint, or stains allowing it to be 100% organic and made in the USA. This product is a faux reclaimed wood siding.

Coeur D Alene Wood

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I customize certain products if I am looking for a specific profile or cut?

Since we work directly with mills, we sometimes can custom certain order products to fit customers needs. Of course, depending on the product and customization sometimes we are unable to honor precise requests, but we do our best to use the resources we have available to us.

Do you ship outside of Colorado?

We offer nationwide shipping to all lower 48 states. *Shipping fees apply*

Where does your reclaimed wood come from?

Our reclaimed wood is usually salvaged from buildings, distilleries, old horse or ranch fence or any other structures that companies have been granted reclamation rights to.

Is your reclaimed wood finished?

Our products are finished and require no additional finishing unless you desire it. All of the brands we work with have a process in which their products are finished or treated.

Installation Tips and Tricks

Every product is unique in their own way and may require a specific install process, although some tips and tricks we have to offer are:

  • Offset the layout of your seams to allow for a more dramatic and designed product look.
  • Use a rubber mallet to push the boards in place without damaging the boards themselves.
  • Pay attention to the specific tips from the brand. Such as install, maintenance, and finishing of the boards.
  • Follow the install instructions from the companies. Depending on the product, there may be specific steps to prolong the life of the product.
  • Follow us on social media and our blog page for regular posts and updates!