Shimla White


Shimla is an idyllic town in the mountains of India where its gorgeous winter scenes show the purity of that well know winter white and grey. That’s what Shimla White veneer capture. That scene of pure and beautiful winter white mountains.

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Snow cast across the mountains and tree tops of the beautiful town of Shimla in India, bathing the land in a clean blanket of white. White like that of Shimla White is representative of purity, light, cleanliness, and a bright energy that can make any room feel heavenly. Like the town Shimla, with its picturesque snow covered mountains and idyllic nature, there is a texture, the greys of the sky and wind get mixed with the scene and cast a very misty but beautiful visual.

Shimla white tiles relish in those very same characteristics of the wind and snow swept mountains. The greys add a mystic quality that only nature can paint. This veneer is often used in kitchen and bath projects due to the reputation of white as clean and crisp. But don’t let that stop you, this stone has also been seen used beautifully on the outside of homes, around fireplaces, or in gardens.


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6" x 24"


1.5 CM to 2.5 CM

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6 SQ FT or 6 Tiles