Ouro Brazil


Ouro Brazil is named after the scenic town of Ouro in Brazil. The colors of this city are represented in this slab and bring to you the warmth of Brazil. The golden yellow overtones run in a consistent and static pattern across the white base.

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Our Ouro Brazil slab is named after the scenic city of Ouro in Brazil, which draws hundreds of tourists each year. The colors of the buildings in this city are characteristically white with trimmings of sandstone. The soft yellow and stone colors of this beautiful city are represented in this stone as those warm colors spread across its white base with a consistent static pattern. These warm colors are felt and viewed in Brazil, and bringing it into you’re home is like taking a small piece of this scenic town and placing it on display.

The yellow-gold tones in this stone are earthy and neutral, but bring in a lot of light and warmth to any design. The versatility of this stone is boundless and can be used for many projects and styles with success.


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