Jaguar – an exotic, big game cat that dwells in the dense forests and jungles. Sleek and mysterious, almost like a ghost in the jungle, Jaguars are a force to be reckoned with. Similarly to their animal counterpart, Jaguar Granite provides a sleek, exotic and beautiful color scheme that truly is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to stone countertops.

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You’re walking through the jungle. The dense foliage and big leaves surround you. Thirsty, you quench at the sound of the river flowing behind the bush. You push it aside and step into the cooling waters, but stop at the notice of the jaguar laying on the rocks ahead dipping its paw into the water. The jaguar, covered in beaded droplets of water from its earlier swim, now reflecting the colors from it’s fur in crystals. My eyes sweep over the jaguar, taking in it’s given colors. The creamy beige/white and rich dark browns, subtle golds and speckles of black that make up her coat. As you marvel at the beauty and power of this exotic creature she rises, coat shimmer. She walks towards the cover of the jungle, once again elusive and mysterious.

Jaguar granite captures the force and impact of a jaguar sighting, imbued with the same exotic colors this piece brings the jaguar into your home to be admired by all. Gaze upon the beauty of something so rarely spotted. Pair this granite with cherry or darkly stained exotic wood for high impact, it’ll be a sighting you’ll want to share.


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