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Pergolas Ideas

What pergolas are, some design ideas, and uses for them!

Installation – How To Build a Pergola

Where to get the materials you need, and how to build with them.


Need more or less coverage than a pergola? Check out this section!


Why You Should Consider Them

Your backyard is where so many memories are made, and milestones take place. During the hot summer months, your backyard sees a lot of traffic whether it be from BBQs with friends, family gatherings, birthday parties, or just winding down from a stressful day. Since your backyard becomes the stomping grounds during the summer why not design it in a way that style and functionality are both key components?

More Than Just a Structure

Landscaping is a great way to liven up your backyard, but there are ways you can bring full attention and style to your outdoor space. A common way to provide performance and style to your yard is a pergola! A pergola is an arch formed with the framework and is often used to cover a seating area or to shade a walkway. Usually, the style on the inside of the home is carried to the outdoors. A pergola is a perfect way to enhance the stylization because it can be fitted to any style or motif. There are different designs of pergolas out there and you can change the color or finish to match the tone.

Are You Looking for the Materials Needed to Build a Pergola?

Ensuring that you have all the needed lumber for your project may seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, the experts at Rocky Mountain Forest Products can get you the materials you need at wholesale pricing!


The Choice Alternatives to Pergolas

Like we previously mentioned pergolas are usually used for coverage over seating areas, picnic tables, outdoor kitchens, pools, hot tubs, or to shade walkways or gardens. If you are looking for something a bit more upscale and extravagant than a gazebo may be the right choice for you. Gazebos are another form of a pergola and come in various styles. The most common are pavilion, victorian, or rotundas. The style that you choose is based on what it will be used for. If you are needing shelter for a large space than a pavilion would do the job. Whereas Victorian and Rotundas are a little fancier with a classier look and feel.

If you have a small garden, walkway, or sitting area that you want to spice up than look at an arbor. An arbor is basically like a pergola with the same look and design just cut into a quarter of the size. It is commonly used as an archway over an entrance to a deck, garden, or pathway.

Outdoor Gazebo

Outdoor Gazebo



Pergola Ideas

Common Pergola Designs

Ideas for Every Yard

The two most common designs of Pergolas are gable roof and flat/skillion. A flat/skillion pergola is more commonly seen in homes. A flat/skillion roof is a flat level roof with the traditional rafters and battens for the support structure. A gable roof pergola is a more traditional looking pergola with the two roof pieces coming to a point and sloping in the opposite direction. Either of these styles can be built with minimal coverage on the roof if wanted or they can be built with a roof like coverage to help protect against rain and sunshine.

Flat Roof Pergola

Flat Roof Pergola

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Gable Roof Pergola

Gable Roof Pergola

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Pergola Pattern & Design

When building the perfect pergola for your home you can consider the style that you have going throughout the home and tie it in with your new outdoor oasis. A pergola can be built as simple or as complex as you want it to be. If you want a basic pergola with the minimal post, beams, battens, and rafters you go that route and make it simple. The option for adding different components to provide an extra appeal is open as well. There are endless options for added design, but some that are seen more than others are added lattice on the roof, or extra boards on either side to provide more of a closed in and private look and feel. One of the most fundamental things about pergolas is that once it is built you can change up the décor and design as much as you please. Whether this means you add lights, curtains, plants, or outdoor décor it is interchangeable.

Looking to Build a Pergola but Don’t Know Where to Start?

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How to Build a Pergola

Pergola Installation & Upkeep

Pergolas are durable and will last longer if treated and built correctly. The great thing about pergolas is that they can be built with wood such as cedar, pine, redwood, oak, cypress, and teak. If you are looking for an alternative to wood that will last longer and requires little maintenance, vinyl and metal are both options as well. The material that a pergola is built with strictly depends on the wanted durability and how much upkeep is wanted. Something to keep in mind when choosing a material is the climate where you live. Certain woods and materials tend to rot, warp, and bend faster in some climates rather than others.

Uses for Pergolas

Like mentioned before typically a pergola is used as a covering for seating, an outdoor kitchen, a hot tube, pool, or walkways. Why not be creative and use a pergola for added shade and protection over a dog run, a playhouse for your kids, a driveway to act as a carport, or as a small from the entrance before coming to a front door? Pergolas can be customized in size and in how they are built allowing you to be able to get creative with the uses of your pergola.

Final Décor Decisions

Your pergola is the centerpiece of your backyard and can often become the talking point. Once you have your style of pergola built, installed, and finished you can decorate! Generally, the first thing most people add is hanging lights for a cozy feel. Add ons like hanging planters, or flower pots surrounding the inside are a fantastic look as well. If you are looking for privacy, adding some branches and vines to the rooftop and cascading down the side is a good direction to go. Once those vines fill out and grow you will have a beautiful enclosure. If you are not wanting to wait for the vines to fill out go the simple route and add some curtains! Cloth or plastic curtains are the perfect way to get privacy and protection from sun, wind, and rain!

Whether you are building a pergola for added protection from unaccepted weather, sunshine, or to be the talking point of a party, family gathering, or birthday. A pergola is a perfect design option to bring modern-day styling to the outdoors. No matter the style, build, material, or added décor your pergola will give your home a revamped look and feel that everyone will be talking about!

Pergola Plans

Depending on the city you live in, submitting your pergola plans may be required in order to begin the build process. Though this step doesn’t need to be a huge deal, many homeowners get hung up working out these details. If you are in an area that requires the submission of pergola plans, but don’t know how to proceed, look into some of the following options:

  • Find designs online
  • Hire an architect
  • Talk to some local builders

This step doesn’t need to be a headache inducing process. With a little outside help, finalizing your pergola plans can be a breeze!