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About The Company

Since being founded in 1976, Biterroot Valley Forest Products has been creating quality materials in new and innovating ways. One popular product line created is Montana Ghost Wood®. Montana Ghost Wood® is perfect for consumers looking for the visuals and character of reclaimed wood with the performance of a new wood product. In addition to the build quality of Montana Ghost Wood®, consumers will also appreciate reasonable pricing and ease of installation!

Montana Ghost Wood® strives to use SFI and FSC certified lumber, beetle kill pine, and forest fire killed timber for the creation of their products. If you consider yourself to be an eco-conscious person, Montana Ghost Wood® is the product for you! Not only will purchasing Montana Ghost Wood® be kind to your wallet, it will be helping the environment as well!

About The Company
Benefits of Montana Ghost Wood
Benefits of Montana Ghost Wood

Benefits of Montana Ghost Wood®

Little to No Maintenance

The proprietary, eco-friendly finish will continue to weather more over time when exposed to UV light, moisture and inclement weather. Regular maintenance for reclaimed wood is recommended.

Exact Specs

Montana Ghost Wood® is cut to exact sizes. As a result of this precision, there is little waste left over when the product is installed.

Little to No Defects

Unlike the rest of the industry, Montana Ghost Wood® checks for defective boards each step of their proprietary process. Where normally 30%-70% of reclaimed wood ends up being unusable, Montana Ghost Wood® eliminates that problem almost entirely.

Nearly Half the Price

With Montana Ghost Wood®, you get nearly half the cost of true reclaimed wood while keeping the incredible aesthetics!

Environmentally Sensitive

Continually improving their “green” and sustainable practices is a high priority for Bitterroot Valley Forest Products.


Montana Ghost Wood® delivers products that are created “green” from start to finish by using eco-friendly finishes that have been effective for over 60 years.

Reclaimed From Mother Nature

A vast majority of the timber used in the creation of Montana Ghost Wood® is harvested from timber killed in forest fires, or beetle kill pine.

Certified Wood

Montana Ghost Wood® cares about ethical logging practices. That is why they lumber they use in the creation of their product comes from FSC and SFI certified sawmills.

Recycle Waste

Montana Ghost Wood® doesn’t let anything go to waste. When the milling is complete, all chips, shavings, and sawdust are bagged and recycled. From there, the leftovers are sent to local farms and ranches in Montana. Uses for these supplies include bedding, compost, and more!


Montana Ghostwood
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What It Is

Montana Ghostwood is a faux reclaimed siding product that can be used for both interior and exterior.

* When being used on the exterior of the home, we do recommend you seal the product.

Available Colors

The product comes in four different colors. Here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed we offer the two most popular colors available:

How It Ships

This product does not come pre-packaged, and it is a general lumber type product. It comes in an 8, 12, and 16 foot boards, with either a 1×6, or 1×8 inch profile.


This shiplap product comes with the standard nickle inch reveal, with the circle sawn marks indicative of the Montana Ghostwood line.

What Is Faux?

Montana Ghostwood is a fresh pine product that has been stained to look like reclaimed lumber. It is a much more economical option for home or business owners who would like to replicate the look and feel of authentic reclaimed wood without paying the higher prices.

Montana Ghost Wood® May Not be for Everyone… And that’s ok!

Montana Ghost Wood® is a specialty wood product. With that in mind, there’s a good chance that it will not fill the need of every person who is looking for faux reclaimed wood. For example, if someone were looking to obtain a product whose color would never change, Montana Ghost Wood® might not be the product for them. Montana Ghost Wood® was designed to change color as time goes on. Color changes are dependent on location and climate.


Options for Montana Ghost Wood®


Bannack Brown

Bannack Brown™

Bannack Brown™ is the original color for Montana Ghost Wood®. After many trips to Bannack State Park, it inspired the look that this line of reclaimed siding is based on. Many buildings in the area have the original wood that has a beautiful brown reclaimed patina. It was the perfect choice to name to the color of the first Montana Ghost Wood® product.

Silver City

Silver City™
Silver City was the second color developed for the Montana Ghost Wood® product lineup. The idea was to replicate the silver-gray appearance of reclaimed barn wood seen in other parts of the country. Inspired by Butte, Montana, the name came arose from Silver Bow County. Some of the most beautiful silver and gray barn wood structures can be found in this historic area.

Ruby River

Ruby River™
Ruby River was the third color of the product line for Montana Ghost Wood®. A popular place to fish in Montana- the Ruby River, begins in the Gravelly Range of southwest Montana, flowing down the mountains into a broad, arid valley and into the Ruby Reservoir. In this region you will find a collection of 100-year-old barns that were once painted red. The red paint has since faded away on most of these barns, leaving beautiful structures with weathered patinas of red and silver-grey.


Blackfoot is the latest color for the Montana Ghost Wood®. Like the Ruby River, lots of time has been spent fishing and enjoying the Blackfoot River. Here too, are old wood structures that have aged to a color of black and brown-rust. This river has some of the most colorful old barns in Montana along its banks.



Weathered-  resembles the old, naturally weathered raised grain appearance

Circle Sawn Weathered

Circle Sawn Weathered– circle sawn markings combined with the old, naturally weathered raised grain appearance

Hand Hewn

Hand Hewn

Standard Features

Allow 3-4 weeks for production

Colors – Bannack Brown and Silver City

Texture – Circle Sawn Weathered


Standard Items include:

1×4 Square Edge 12’ or 16′

1×6 Square Edge 12’

1×6 WP4 Silver City Only 16′

1×8 Square Edge 12’

1×8 5/8 Ship-Lap 12′ or 16’

1×10 5/8 Ship-Lap 12′ or 16′

1×12 Square Edge 12’ or 16′

1×12 5/8 Ship-Lap 16′

2×4 16’

2×6 16’


Face Coverage for Square Edge Products:

1×4-3 3/8″

1×6-5 3/8″





2×4-3 3/8″

2×6-5 3/8″




Special Order Features

Allow 5-6 weeks for production

Colors – Blackfoot and Ruby River

Texture – Weathered and Hand Hewn


Sizes Available

Montana Ghost Wood® is available in 1×4 through 2×12 material with any profile pattern.


Profiles Downloadable PDF:



Installation Downloadable PDF:


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