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How Do You Compare to Split Rail Fence Company?

Why do we shop at the places we do?

Is it the value of price? Maybe it’s the value of customer service? Perhaps it’s something else…

The point is, there are countless different reasons why people choose to shop where they do. But when the time comes to make this decision for yourself, in regards to choosing the right fence materials and design, you’ll want to make the most informed decision as possible.

We’re here to help.

That’s why in this week’s article we’ll quickly compare how we operate at Rocky Mountain Forest Products to Split Rail Fence Company, and other local fence material suppliers.

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Rocky Mountain Forest Products is Mill Direct

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products one of the key points of value for our company is that we operate in a mill direct fashion.

What exactly does this mean for you?

Over our 41 years of business we’ve established great connections with both local and national mills. These relationships have allowed us to buy better materials at a lower cost.

That means you’ll save money, too!

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Another benefit of operating mill direct, is that every unnecessary middleman in between the mill and our yard will be removed from the equation –increasing your savings even further.


Rocky Mountain Forest Products Operates as a True Wholesaler

We are true wholesalers of lumber products here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products. We choose our own stock straight from the mill, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with no surprises!

Plus, because we operate in this fashion we have more choices that are readily available in stock. This includes products not available at competing suppliers!

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To give you an example, certain patterns of siding are specifically manufactured for us and our customers. As we mentioned in the section above, our strong relationships with countless mills gives us the opportunity to offer special orders, special patterns and even mill work.


Every Fence Design at Your Disposal

Sure other suppliers will also carry materials for split rail fences, post and dowel fences and the traditional privacy fence – but what about horizontal fences?

Because we also stock decking materials, siding boards, and other timbers you’ll have the chance to be as creative as possible with your design.

For example, one design that other fence suppliers like Split Rail Fence Company won’t be able to help with would be a horizontal design.

horizontal fence modern fence Rocky Mountain Forest Products

This design tends to utilize exotic hardwoods, to provide a more modern and regal aesthetic.

So if you’re looking to build a horizontal fence, you’ll need access to exotic hardwood species like Mahogany, Red Balau, or even Tigerwood – all of which we have in stock!