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How to Use Cedar Siding: Design Ideas

Cedar siding is an incredibly versatile material that will add character and beauty to any home project!

Don’t believe us?

It’s true! Natural Cedar siding has been used in home siding materials for centuries, as the range of colors and textures is unmatched by other competing materials. Plus, the resins within cedar offers resistive characteristics making it incredibly durable against rot, mold and insects!

So the material itself is a great choice for homeowners, but that begs the question: “how can you install cedar siding for your home?”

RMFP Cedar Siding

1. Exterior Cedar Siding for a Modern Look

If you’re looking to incorporate cedar siding for your home’s exterior, yet still want to maintain a modern aesthetic, then check out these examples.

cedar siding modern home

cedar siding modern home

By installing horizontal cedar siding along the exterior face of your home, your home will exude a modern design. Plus, the rich coloring of natural wood siding will provide a sense of character that vinyl or composite siding just can’t seem to match.


2. Exterior Cedar Siding for a Rustic Look

Another way to incorporate cedar siding for your home’s exterior is to use materials that have been weathered. By using wood that appears old, reclaimed and aged your home will achieve a more rustic aesthetic – perfect for Colorado homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

cedar siding rustic home

But how can you achieve this weathered look? Quite simply! Wood products – whether it be siding, decking or fencing – require protective stains to help preserve the color and life of the product. By not staining your cedar siding when it’s installed, you’ll achieve the rustic aesthetic.


3. Cedar Siding for a Cabin Feel

Like cabin homes and quaint aesthetics?

By installing cedar siding in your home’s ceiling or even flooring you can achieve this old-fashioned, cabin feel. Plus, when natural light hits cedar siding it gives the wood a warm glowing feel and effectively makes your entire home shine!

cedar siding interior

4. Cedar Siding for Interior Accent Walls

If interior cedar siding entices you, but you’d rather have a more modern aesthetic – then check out this example.

cedar siding interior

By utilizing wood siding as an accent wall in your home, like seen above, you can achieve a combination of both a modern and rustic aesthetic. This will give your project an incredible sense of uniqueness and a one-of-a-kind look in the neighborhood.