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See how much you could save using our fabricator partner program!

Our fabricators and design firms, who are part of our partners program, agree to fabricate and install at a discount from the industry market average.

Family-Owned Granite Slab Wholesaler

Our granite slabs have been hand-selected from the finest quarries around the globe. The mix of natural stone slabs you will find when you visit our facility has been chosen to provide you with a vast selection encompassing everything from light to dark, subtle to exotic. Plus, importing directly from the source allows us to cut out the middleman and offer you the most affordable granite countertops!

Granite Countertops

Demand has grown so much lately that we’ve opened up a new division called Granite Liquidators – specializing in some of the best Granite Countertops available. You can see pictures of our granite inventory there now!


Please take some time to review our pricing structure for our granite slabs. These photos are visual representations you will see as the pricing changes. For a full list of our inventory, please visit our inventory page at Granite Liquidators! 

Levels 1-3: $599 – $999

(Approximately $9.79/sq. ft – $16.65/sq. ft)
The stones you will find in this level are basic colors and are the most common stones on the open market. These are usually mined in mass-quantities and are used all around the world. They have minimal movement and offer great consistency from block to block.

Levels 4-6: $1,199 – $1,499

(Approximately $19.98/sq. ft – $24.98/sq. ft)
In this level, you will find the mid- level exotic stones. Many of these stones are one of a kind and you will not find another exact match, outside of their book matched pair. You will find rarer types of granite here with more movement and color variation and are made of more precious types of stone. These stones will not be mined as widely as the basis levels, so the demand is higher.

Private Selection: $1,799 – $7,999+

(Approximately $29.98/sq. ft – $133.32+/sq. ft)
Many of these stones are super rare or highly demanded stones within the open market. These true exotic stones will be one of a kind, outside of their book matched pair. These stones can be considered art pieces and are usually made of more precious stones, such as quartzites and magma-based granite stones. These stones are highly coveted by many designers for high-end projects.

How is Granite Mined?

Granite mining is a large industrial process which begins with exposing a granite deposit. Once that deposit is exposed, the quarry will then use explosives to blow large chunks of granite out of the side of the deposit. Then, they will cut those large chunks into smaller blocks that can be lifted out of the quarry for processing, usually weighing about 10 tons per block.

How do they process the granite that was lifted out of the quarry?

Once the granite is lifted out of the quarry, they transport it to a cutting facility that will reduce the blocks of granite into manageable slabs that we can import. Then they will polish the slabs with a rough diamond pad to finish off the stone.

What does fabrication mean?

Fabrication refers to the process of transforming granite slabs, in the raw form, and cutting and forming them into a countertop, kitchen island, bathroom shower or any other project. Fabrication requires special equipment that most homeowners do not have. This necessitates working with a fabricator to transport, cut, polish, and install granite in their homes.

How long will it take to fabricate the granite slab into a countertop and install in my home?

This really depends on many variables. Your project timeline, the size of the project, the number of slabs, and edge profiles are all factors that can affect fabrication time. Call us today and tell us about your project and we can help figure it out!

The Process


Come to our slabyard and let us show you around. We normally stock around 700 slabs, with 200 new slabs imported monthly. We have a team of friendly granite specialists that would love to answer your questions!

View our granite selection at:

 5075 Tabor Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033.


As a trusted wholesale to public granite supplier, we work with a team of recommended fabricators that will be able to complete your project. The best part? By using one of our preferred fabricators, you are acutally saving money on your granite installation. Call us to learn more details!


Our no-hassle process and quick turnaround time means you will get back to enjoying your kitchen in no time. Slabyard to fabricator to your home- makes it a simple and stress free process. You’re well on your way to enjoying those beautiful granite countertops you’ve always dreamed of!

Natural Stone vs. Quartz

Some people don’t know the difference between natural stone and quartz. Many people are unaware that quartz countertops, even though they hold the name of a natural stone, are vastly different. There are pros and cons to both natural stones and quartz, do you know which material is right for you?

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Quartz is manufactured material, which mixes bits of quartzite and other natural stones together, sometimes even using glass shards. They are bound together with resins, polymers, and dyes to create a unique patterns and colors in the slabs. Being man-made, quartz offers some benefits including its color and consistency, the ability to come in colors and hues not naturally found in nature, and it is truly a non-porous stone. Natural stone has been used for hundreds of centuries and when taken care of properly (with minimal maintenance), it can last much longer than any quartz countertop. Natural stones are also heat resistant, up to 1,800 degrees, whereas some quartz will begin to show degradation around 500 degrees. An added benefit of natural stone is that it requires minimal maintenance. Any homeowner can apply a coat of sealer in just under 20 minutes and keep your stone in great condition for another year. Plus, natural stones can have an unlimited number of variations since it is a product of nature, so no two stones will ever be the same. This will make your kitchen, bar or bathroom truly one of a kind.

Don’t Believe Us?

Come visit our slabyard and see the difference!

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Are You a Professional?

If you are a designer, fabricator, or contractor- contact us about our Preferred Pricing Program, Partner Program, and our Quarry Direct Sourcing.

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We are currently in the process of adding all the details of our partners program to our website. If you would like to learn more about our varioius programs and the benefits it can offer your company, please give our divisional manager a call at 303-622-5649.