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A Post and Dowel fence, also known as Western Rail Fencing, is identified by its round posts and round rails. Manufactured from pine logs, Post and Dowel fencing has been chemically pressure treated to help prevent rot and decay. This treating process is what accounts for the greenish hue that Post and Dowel fences are known for. Post and Dowel fences are relatively easy to install and maintain, and even hold some resistance to things like rot or moisture. These fences provide a clean look while strating away from a stereotypical or conservative design- giving you a unique project unlike other homes in your neighborhood.

This classic style is also renowned by homeowners for its uniformity. Which sometimes makes it a more preferable selection than our other fence options, depending on your desired style and look. With its long lifespan, a post and dowel fence will keep your yard looking great for years to come.

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Is a Post and Dowel Fence better than a Split Rail Fence?

A post and dowel fence is not better than a split rail fence, but it does offer other features. For example, a post and dowel fence is pressure treated to resist rot, termites and decay whereas a cedar split rail fence has natural oils and resins that prevents rot and decay. In additional, the rounded poles create a more uniform look than split rail fences.

Will a Post and Dowel fence last longer than a Split Rail Fence?

This is determined by the care and attention that is given to the fence and whether you live in a dry or wet climate. A post and dowel fence should last at least 10 to 15 years.

Does a typical Post and Dowel Fence cost less than a typical Split Rail Fence?

This can vary greatly depending on the lengths of the fence, the diameter of the logs, and the number of rails per section. To really see if a post and dowel fence will cost more, just give one of our fence specialists a call and they will be happy to help determine the cost of your specific project.


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