Some of life’s beautiful moments will take place on your Envision Deck. With never repeat color variations and natural looking wood grain, your Envision Deck will be timeless.

The railing on your deck is not only essential to its functionality but a huge part of its appearance.

Envision Decking has three railing systems to choose from that will give it finished polished look:


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Deck Railing

Marquee Railing:

Metal Deck Railing

Add some additional flair to your deck design with the luxurious look and feel of the Marquee Railing System.
Elevate your deck to a true outdoor living space with this railing line.

Color Selections:

Dark Walnut – This cappuccino like color selection brings about a feeling of classic warmth to soften the presence of your deck

Shadow Grey – Shadow grey exudes a balanced feeling allowing the beholder to capture the moment as the see fit

White – This angelic alternative to a darker railing gives off a quiet but commanding accent to your decking choice

Add additional flair to your deck with the Marquee Railing.

The Marquee Railing System also has three post caps to choose from:

  • White
  • Bronze
  • Weathered Copper

The Marquee Railing Systems comes complete with pre-packaged baluster kits.

The Marquee Railing Systems allows for more enjoying and less worrying because of its advantages:

  • 25-Year Limited Warranty
  • Straight, Stair, or Multi Level Railing Systems
  • Pre-packaged Baluster Kits
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Hidden Fastening Systems

The Marquee Railing System was developed with variation in mind when it comes to installation. The customized dimensions make it a breeze. Here are the dimensions available:

  • Straight Rail Installation – 67” to 91” lengths
  • Stair Rail Installation – 71” length
  • Post Mount Kits – 38” or 44” Concrete or Wood Bracket Kits
  • Baluster Kits – 36” or 42” in 6’ to 8’ sections
  • Post Sleeves – 5×5 Sleeves or 48” and 120” heights

TAM Rail

Metal Deck Railing

The TAM Rail system allows you to finalize your deck with the design specifications that you want. The ease of selection and the effortless installation make it a prime choice for the do it yourself homeowner. TAM rail is also very budget friendly.
The colonial motif blends mix in well with a modern or traditional design.

Color Selections:

White – Going with the classic and illuminating look of white will freshen up the lines of your deck

Whether you have a wood deck, concrete porch, or a composite deck, this luxury railing system is a good option.

The TAM Rail System offers selections of post caps:

  • England
  • Pyramid
  • Solar

These can be matched with square or colonial balusters.

Life is made easy with the TAM Rail System because it is not only visually appealing, it is smart because of its many benefits:

  • Made with three sturdy protective layers
  • Easy installation
  • Limited Warranty
  • Hidden fastening systems

TAM Rail offers tailored dimensions for your specific installation needs:

Straight and Stair Rail Installation –

  • Colonial balusters 36″ rail height
  • Square balusters 36″ and 42″ rail height
  • Straight Rail Kits 36″ and 42″ heights \ Varying Section lengths
  • Stair Rail Kits 36″ and 42″ height \ Varying Section and Degrees
  • Post Sleeves 38″, 48″, and 116″
  • Post Caps and Rings

Bronze, Weathered Copper, Antique Gold, and Pewter

Pyramid/Ball Post Caps:

  • New England Post Caps