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OZCO Brackets

The Perfect Combination of Function and Style

When building a pergola, it is important that it is sturdy and durable so it withholds weather and lasts a long time. Essentially a pergola can be built without brackets but the benefit to using them is a more robust pergola overall. OZCO brackets are usually installed either on the rafters, posts, battens, and/or the footing to provide a well-built pergola. Depending on the design and build of the pergola there are different brackets that can be used to provide the best support. A plus to these brackets is that they often come in matte black or charcoal grey which adds to the overall stylization of the pergola giving it a completer and more modern look!

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we are a proud supplier of the OZCO product line. If you’re looking to get a hands on look at the quality of these products, feel free to reach out or stop by our Denver office!

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