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Do not be fooled, real cedar is a low maintenance solution for those looking for affordable decking solutions. In fact, according to, “one of the biggest misconceptions about cedar is that it requires a lot of upkeep, however, study after study shows that Western Red Cedar is the best wood substrate to hold primer and paint.” Another consideration is that cedar will hold a semi-transparent stain for two to four years, whereas, semi-solid will hold for five years.

Cedar is aesthetically adaptable, and because of its marvelously rich tonal properties, it can blend seamlessly with outdoor sanctuaries, traditional home outdoor living areas, or cutting-edge architectures. It is also naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks. This makes it a great choice for any outdoor deck area.

Cedar Wood – Pros and Cons

There are a lot of homeowners who push for a natural wood deck like a cedar deck. And this make sense because it is quite beautiful. It’s a natural product that can last just as long as the man-made materials and is an attractive benefit for many who like that traditional wood look.


  • Natural wood look that so many homeowners love- an organic product
  • Resistance to rot that is natural to the wood
  • Cedar doesn’t readily absorb water or any other moisture. Moisture is what warps, twists, cracks and rots wood- so cedar is more likely to fight against these issues and remain strong for approximately 20 years


  • Although staining is often recommended to help further the life of your deck, the natural color won’t retain for long
  • Cedar is a soft wood, which means it can be susceptible to scratches if furniture is frequently moved around.
  • Decks that are low-lying, ground level or are constantly shaded can deteriorate faster because they dry out slower. They don’t absorb water readily, but it is still wood, and the longer and more consistently it is exposed to wood, the more vulnerable.
Why should I use cedar for my decking project?
Cedar has the smallest environmental footprint of any building material, says Additionally, it is both renewable and biodegradable. It’s an incredibly strong, yet lightweight material that allows any homeowner or contractor to shape their deck into the design of their choice.
How workable is cedar?
Cedar is lightweight and is milled with a fine, straight grain and uniform texture that makes it easy to cut, saw, and nail with any common household tools. The lack of pitch or resin allows cedar to hold glue from a wide range of adhesives to provide a firm base for any types of paints and stains.
Is cedar able to last in any weather conditions?
Cedar is one of the few wood species that is naturally at home in the outdoors. When properly finished and maintained, a cedar deck can last for years in any weather conditions. Natural resistance to moisture, decay, and insect damage makes Western Red Cedar an ideal solution for those homeowners who are looking for an inexpensive decking system for their house.
Is cedar a stable solution?
Among the softwood solutions, cedar has twice the stability of any other option. This stability is due the fact that it has low density and shrinkage factors that result in the ability to lay flat, stay straight, and hold fasteners tightly.

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