IPE Wood

You’ve probably seen the word Ipe before if you’ve been around the lumber industry for any amount of time. Ipe, also know as Brazilian Walnut, is one the finest quality wood decking materials available to use. Ipe, pronounced EE-pay, is typically found in South America and some parts of Central America and is sometimes called Brazilian Walnut. It is one of the densest hardwoods and rates at 3x harder than cedar. Used for the most elegant of projects, you can find it gracing the Atlantic City Boardwalk, around Las Vegas’ Treasure Island Resort and in countless backyards around the world.

This exotic hardwood can withstand harsh climates, resist insect damage and resist mold and decay, therefore making it quite the sensible choice. This fine exotic hardwood is generally guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives- not many other woods can boast about that. As a result, it’s truly no wonder that architects and designers across the world use Ipe wood in high-end homes and applications. Hence, there’s no better choice for a strong and long-lasting hardwood for your decking needs.

Ipe Decking – The Choice That Makes Sense

You’ll most commonly see Ipe used for decks, marinas, bridge building projects, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, and other outdoor applications. In other words, because the boards are frequently kiln dried, Ipe wood can also make for an attractive interior flooring option. Because of Ipe’s incredible durability, it is usually chosen for very high traffic areas, where it can last for many years.


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Ipe Wood

Eco-friendly; 100% natural wood


Mold, fire, weather, and pest-resistant

It can last more than 25 years outdoors


Three times harder than cedar


One of the densest hardwoods, it sinks in water


Resists surface scratches

It has the same fire rating as steel and concrete, making it a more fire-resistant choice than softwoods

Has high concentrations of tannic acid, which makes it resistant to rot, insects, and fungi


Ipe | Brazilian Walnut – Sustainably Harvested Materials

Ipe is truly an amazing natural resource, given all its natural properties. There’s no wonder that Ipe is a top choice in exterior wood applications, such as decking, boardwalks and outdoor structures. Since it contains no added harmful chemicals it can be used near any body of water without the risk of contamination. This environmental benefit, along with its long-lasting durability, makes it popular as a decking option in many coastal and lake towns. Rocky Mountain Forest Products is dedicated to only providing responsibly harvested Ipe in order to provide a truly renewable resource to the world. Our Ipe is FSC certified, which makes it an environmental choice for your outdoor living space.

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