Garapa Decking

What is Garapa Hardwood?

Garapa Hardwood is a very durable exotic hardwood. Garapa is typically found in South America and some parts of Central America. This hardwood is lighter in color than traditional Ipe. Garapa has a blonder tone, whereas other varieties of Ipe are darker brown. It is one of the densest hardwoods and rates at three times harder than cedar. This exotic hardwood can withstand harsh climates, resist insect damage and combat mold and decay. It is generally guaranteed for 30 years without preservatives- not many other woods can boast about that. It’s truly no wonder that architects and designers across the world use Garapa wood in high-end homes and applications. There’s no better choice for a strong and long-lasting hardwood for your decking needs. 

Garapa, once stained, is discernible from traditional Ipe, but comes at about half the cost. It is also cheaper to install that most other decking materials. It is also noted as more reliable than bamboo and redwood decks, as well as naturally resistant to mold and decay. As a supplier of Garapa, RMFP stands behind it. If you choose Garapa, it will be sure to endure a lifetime of harsh weather, with intense natural beauty.


  • Lower cost than Ipe
  • No chemical treatments
  • Stratch resistant
  • 30+ year lifespan
  • No annual sealer needed
  • Rot resistant


Does Garapa have the same durability as regular Ipe decking boards?

Yes it does. Both species are extremely dense and will last for decades. Both are more durable than traditional wood species like Cedar, Pine or Redwood. They can withstand the punishment of patio furniture, pets and barbecues much better than softwood can. If left untreated, it will fade to a silvery-gray color as it oxidizes. An alternative to leaving it untreated would be to put a coat of oil based stain like Penofin or SuperDeck to help maintain the natural beauty of the lumber and make your investment last a lifetime.






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