Mahogany wood


Did you know that Mahogany is the #1 choice among Denver homeowners when choosing exotic hardwood decking?

With the beautiful color seen with Mahogany (Fijian) decks, it’s no surprise how popular this material has become with Denver homeowners.  Mahogany is history’s oldest custom project wood due to its straight grain, availability, and workability. It has fallen on hard times lately, though, as it was unsustainably harvested in Brazil for many years. Enter Mahogany (Fijian)! The Fijian government and lumber industry have developed the world’s largest sustainable mahogany plantation, one that is capable, within 10 years, of supplying three-fourths of the world’s demand! That’s an incredible win-win for the environment, the Fijian economy and the customer who loves mahogany.

After all, it is a timeless, elegant wood. The color of its heartwood ranges from pinkish to pale brown, with reddish brown streaks, and it has a light pink to yellow-brown sapwood. Mahogany’s natural color becomes richer with age, darkening from a light orange-brown when fresh cut, to a deep mahogany color as it ages.

Mahogany (Fijian) is one of the softer hardwoods, making it easier to work than Ipe, but more durable than traditional softwood species such as Cedar or Redwood.  Mahogany is also a “clear” product, meaning that there are no knots in the wood, giving it a smooth, polished look.

Using natural-wood decking materials will require regular upkeep and maintenance to get the most years out of them. This involves:

  • Monthly to bi-monthly check-ins for splitting, cracking, and warping of your boards
  • Monthly to bi-monthly cleaning of debris and dirt (time frame with this is much more flexible)
  • Annual re-stains
  • As for durability, hardwood decking materials such as this will withstand the wear and tear of patio furniture and pets much more effectively than softwoods. Fading can happen, but not if you are consistent with re-staining.


Mahogany Wood – Facts

  • Weathers naturally to a beautiful grey tone or readily accepts stain & paints
  • 20 + year average lifespan
  • Kiln dried with less than 11% moisture content
  • One of the few truly “Green” decking products on the market
  • Sustainably harvested


How durable are Mahogany decks for families of 4 with 2 dogs?

Mahogany will withstand the wear and tear of patio furniture and pets well, because it is denser than softwood traditional decks. Mahogany will also hold up extremely well to the outside elements of mother nature. If left untreated, it will patina to a silvery-gray color as it oxidizes giving you a rich, natural look. On the other hand, a coat of oil based stain, like SuperDeck or Penofin, can help it maintain its dark, rich tones.


Mahogany (Fijian)


Mahogany (Fijian)


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