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Whether you are building a new house or adding on to an existing one, a deck will complete your family’s dream home and allow you to extend your lifestyle and enjoyment to the outdoors.

Green Bay’s products offer a superior composite product that extends the value of your home, as well as saving you money down the road. The key to cost savings is the longevity of our decking products and the value you receive from the products. Such factors include color retention, water absorption and being mold, mildew and decay resistant.


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DuxxBak: No Drip Through Decking

Are you tired of water damage on your house or under your deck? Are you looking for a water tight, water proof, dry under deck system? DuxxBak™ is the only complete non-vinyl composite water shedding deck system available. DuxxBak’s patented formulation is, in part, what makes it a step above the competition. With a combination of Biodac®, rice hulls, high-density polyethylene resins, and other high-quality ingredients, DuxxBak™ has high fade resistance and very minimal water absorption in comparison to its wood composite competitors.

Create a dream outdoor living space that you can enjoy in rain or sunshine. DuxxBak™ decking will create the ideal storage space or additional outdoor living space because DuxxBak™ is engineered to shed water from the deck top while keeping the under space dry without the need for an under deck drainage system.

Use DuxxBak™ to create an additional outdoor living space or storage space. DuxxBak™ can even be used to protect building foundation by diverting water away from homes or other buildings. One of the most important benefits is that it protects the substructure from damaging water contact. Protect your substructure to create a long-lasting deck system that you can enjoy for many years.

Compared to all other competing systems, DuxxBak has the best value. Because this system has taken two unique decking systems and designs and integrated them into one, your costs for both materials and labor will be significantly reduced. Other systems require that you not only buy the decking materials, but the water shedding system that goes beneath it as well, meaning you’re essentially paying for 2 decks. You can avoid this hassle by choosing DuxxBak!

Yes, with little to no issues at all! DuxxBak design is ideal for harsh climates because the water-shedding system is specifically designed to prevent water from gathering up and freezing over. This is an important feature to have because when winter comes around, ice build-up beneath your deck can be extremely detrimental.

The value provided by DuxxBak is unmatched by any other competing system on the market. Rather than having to purchase both a composite deck and an under-deck ceiling, which can increase the cost of your project significantly, you can now cut your costs in half with this Two-In-One system. Plus, with two designs combined into one your installation time will also be reduced – saving you even more money!

I.Dekk: Strength and Beauty

I.Dekk™, formerly known as GeoDeck™, offers more than just beauty. Its patented formulation is, in part, what makes it a step above the competition. With a combination of Biodac®, rice hulls, high-density polyethylene resins, and other high quality ingredients, I.Dekk™ has high fade resistance and very minimal water absorption in comparison to its wood composite competitors. Its strong I-Beam construction creates a stronger deck board than the competition even though it is lighter in weight and won’t rot or mold.

I.Dekk™ contains no wood fillers unlike many other alternative decking products in the market. Over 50% of the materials in I.Dekk™ are either rapidly renewable resources or reclaimed material that would normally be landfilled. Our formulation is why I.Dekk™ is the solution to creating a dream outdoor living space.

The DuxxBak™ Water Shedding Deck System is also available in the four I.Dekk™ colors. Combine DuxxBak™ and I.Dekk™ to create a beautiful and multifunctional deck.

Get a professional craftsman aesthetic with less effort! The state-of-the-art decking has been engineered to require less substructure material, so with less materials needed your overall costs and labor and install time will be significantly reduced.

The unique tongue and groove deck boards give this decking system a built-in hidden fastener system. In fact, this built-in system will reduce your labor costs by about 40%! You won’t need to pre-drill any holes nor will you need any specialized tools. This system is the epitome of simplicity!

Because I.Dekk will turn your backyard living spaces into a true masterpiece with its superior color retention, resistance to decay and mold, industry-leading ratings for mechanical strength and durability, easy installation and 25-year warranty.

Geo Deck

Our GeoDeck Classic product is perfect for boat docks, walkways, and many other commercial applications. The GeoDeck Classic deck boards consist of the same painted formulation as I.Dekk, with no wood fillers. Perfect for commercial application!

  • Superior color retention
  • Resistant to decay and mold
  • Stratch resistant
  • Industry leading ratings for mechanical strength and durability
  • Compatible with any of our railing systems
  • Easy to install
  • Unique brushed finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Colors

All three of these decking choices come in these colors. So worry not, if you like a certain color or deck type you can have the best of both worlds.