EverGrain Envision

EverGrain Envision


The envy of your neighbors, your deck is now the center of your home – where beautiful things happen. From the dramatic richness of the fire at sunset to the soft simplicity of a morning fog, the variety of the Evergrain Envision collections provide the elegance your home craves as you expand your living space. Each line has its own unique features to fit your style – choose from Envision Expression, Inspiration or Distinction to complement your home and its style. Contact us at RMFP to purchase Evergrain Envision products.

Your deck should celebrate what it truly is – an extension of your home. This is where life, fun and meals meet. Your deck is becoming the center of life, be the one to enjoy that wow factor first. From deep grain composite decking to railing systems and decking accessories we have you covered for an elegant look.

What is EverGrain made of?
TAMKO EverGrain Composite decking materials are comprised of polyethylene and wood fibers to provide you with the durability that you want.
How long will EverGrain last?
EverGrain provides you with a 20-year Warranty to protect against rotting, splintering, splitting and termite damage, as well as a stain warranty against common food and beverages stains, including mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, canola oil, fruit punch, wines and coffee.
Is EverGrain easy to install?
Installing EverGrain composite decking can be done by sturdy DIYers. You can find a printable installation guide HERE.
How do you clean the deck boards?

Reducing Dirt & Grime:

Semi-annual cleaning of your deck is recommended to reduce dirt, dust, grime and other residue build-up. When cleaning, rinse your deck with a garden hose using a fan-tip nozzle at a pressure not exceeding 1,000 psi.

Regular cleaning may not eliminate all dirt, dust, grime and other residue build-up on your deck. For a more thorough cleaning of your EverGrain or EverGrain Envision deck, use a deck wash containing sodium hypochlorite, such as these:

  • BEHR® Premium 2-In-1 Wood Prep No. 63
  • Mold Armor® Deck Wash
  • OLYMPIC® Deck Cleaner

Removing Rust Stains:

Metal outdoor furniture can leave rust marks on your deck. Therefore, we recommend that you apply appropriate plastic or vinyl tips to metal furniture to prevent staining.

If rust stains do appear on your EverGrain or EverGrain Envision deck, they can often be removed using deck cleaners containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid, such as these:

  • BEHR® Premium 2-In-1 Wood Prep No. 63
  • Flood™ Dekswood® Deck Cleaner Brightener

Cooking Oils & Grease Stains:

To keep your deck in the best possible shape, we also recommend the use of grill mats to reduce the risk of grease stains associated with grills on both EverGrain decking and EverGrain Envision decking. Cooking grease and canola oil are included under the EverGrain Envision Stain Resistance Warranty section of the limited warranty, but precautions to avoid grease spills should still be taken. Please refer to the limited warranty for full details and additional cleaning instructions.

Should grease or oil stain the deck’s surface, it is important to clean the stain immediately using a commercial degreasing agent such as:

  • Super Clean™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Removing Sun Tan Lotion:

Since suntan lotions and oils can potentially stain your deck, please take precautions to avoid these types of spills.

These stains can often be removed using mild degreasing agents. Be sure to remove as much of the lotion spill as possible with water before using cleaning agents.

  • Dawn® Soap

Removing Mold & Mildew:

Periodically rinse your deck with a garden hose, using a fan-tip nozzle at a pressure not exceeding 1,000 psi, to help reduce the occurrence of mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew stains are a natural result of moisture and climatic conditions in your area. These stains can often be removed using cleaners containing sodium hypochlorite such as those listed below:


  • BEHR® Premium 2-In-1 Wood Prep No. 63
  • Mold Armor® Deck Wash
  • OLYMPIC® Deck Cleaner

Additional Tips:


  • Dragging furniture and other objects across the deck boards may cause surface scratches.
  • Remove food, spills and other debris and clean immediately to minimize the possibility of staining.
  • Always test any cleaner on a small portion of your deck before cleaning the entire deck.
  • Always follow manufacturers’ application instructions when using any cleaner.
  • Please note that any cleaner can lighten the color of your deck.
  • Place mats under metal objects to protect against rust stains.
  • Place grill mats under your grill to protect your deck from grease spills.
  • Never mix two or more cleaning agents when cleaning your deck.
  • Do not use a metal shovel to remove snow or ice from your deck, as you may cause damage to the deck surface.
  • Always follow proper gapping (installation) instructions to prevent water from accumulating on your deck.
  • Keep the area under your deck clean and well ventilated.
  • Never apply harsh solvents such as acetone, gasoline, benzene, carbon tetrachloride or paint thinner to your deck.
  • Sanding the surface to remove stains is not recommended.


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Envision Inspiration

Envision Inspiration

Traditional in nature, the Envision Inspiration® line subtly blends colors to evoke the character of real wood planks and boards. The Inspiration® line enhances the ambiance of your home with unparalleled beauty.

Pick from three multi-tinged color options within the Inspiration line, each that emulates the natural coloring found in the trees in your backyard to the most exotic trees. Where no two boards look exactly the same – from browns, to reds and even greys – the Inspiration® line fits your tastes without the frustration of staining your wooden deck boards.

Envision Inspiration Color Options




Envision Expression

Envision Expression

For the homeowner and family who want the luxury of composite decking, and aren’t ready to push the envelope like the coloring found in the Distinction and Inspiration lines, then the definite, rich colors from Expression are what your home needs to make it your personal (and family) escape.

Featuring solid colors that provide a composite board to mimic a natural wooden board. The Expression line features a deep grain, high-quality plank without the hassle of the upkeep found in real wooden boards.

Envision Expression Color Options





EverGrain Decking

EverGrain Decking

The EverGrain line sets the standard in composite decking with its deep-grain and solid coloring. Featuring timeless textures and pronounced pattern capturing the essence of a natural wood board.

Your deck is an extension of your home and should capture your personality as you look to entertain and bring your family outdoors. Pick from four striking colors – Cape Cod Grey, Cedar, Redwood or Weathered Wood – to create the go-to picturesque retreat.

EverGrain Decking Color Options





Envision Distinction

Envision Distinction

Enjoy the alluring colors of Envision Distinction®, and make your home the star of the neighborhood. With this luxury line, no two decks are the same – each composite board features a random wood grain pattern and bold highlights in each board.

The Distinction line offers unmistakable shades to provide numerous designs and patterns perfect for your needs.

Envision Distinction Color Options