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Composite Decking in Denver

Composite decks are made of artificial materials consisting of a mix of plastic and organic filler, like rice hulls. Our composite decking materials, at our Denver based company, require very little maintenance. Sweep ’em off, rinse ’em down and that’s it for most composite products. No more paint or stain with one of your synthetic decks in Denver.

There was a long period of time in which no contractor or retailer would recommend compositve decking over wood, and actually mean it. This is because, during that time composite rarely looked good and often warped. But composite decking has taken huge leaps and bounds in the aesthetics and construction of composite. Composite decking companies are now using more natural materials such as bamboo that are a very durable, organic, and antimicrobial option. They are now able to give composite the more natural look that so many homeowners desire.

Composite decking, as mentioned, has had made huge leaps and bounds in recent years. More and more people are choosing composite because it is a low maintenance option that can often look just as good as a wood deck, and sometimes even better. It really depends on your personal preference with this one. If you’d prefer low maintenance over a more natural look, this is a good option. But here is a full list of the pros and cons.


  • Low maintenance- No sanding or staining. Cleaning is simplified with a simple spray of the hose.
  • Natural Materials- Can use natural materials such as bamboo to create the composite material. This helps avoid deforestation.
  • Clean the Planet- Often companies will use recycled plastics in their process.
  • Better Looking- Compostie decks are becoming better looking as the companies develop and can sometimes mimic the look of real wood fairly well.
  • Reasonably Protected- Composite decks are reasonably protected against inclememt weather as it will not rot, split after drying or give splinters after cracking.


  • Color Face- Composite, just like traditional and pressure treated wood, will fade in color. This can be a real problem for composite since it relies on the manufactured colors to give it a more real look.
  • Mold- Any surface can grow mold and a composite deck is no different (especailly a problem if the deck is not fully capped.
  • Cost- Typically costs more than a wood deck
  • Contains Plastic- Not everyone is happy that it constains plastic material in its composition. Especially since not every company uses recycled plastic.
  • Unnatural Look- Some poeple don’t like the lack of a natural look- especially since even composite can still get scratched and then look even worse than wood.

The vast majority of composite decking materials in Denver and Colorado are manufactured across the United States in factories that mix various plastics, wood filler, and pigments together before molding them into the desired shape. There are many options when it comes to composite decks, including: FortressFiberonGreenbay, EvergrainTimberTech and TrexEach model has different benefits, so if you are interested in learning more about composite decking materials in Denver please browse around or contact one of our deck specialists today!

Is a composite deck more durable than a wooden deck?

Composite decking certainly will not warp, twist or splinter like lumber could. However, some exotic hardwood decking is denser and more scratch resistant than composite decking. Some composite decking has a “Stain and Fade Warranty,” meaning that what you see is what you get–forever. Natural wood, on the other hand, can be stained and changed but requires a bit more TLC. For many, though, that is a benefit. So it really depends on the product and which characteristics are most important to you.

My friends, family, and neighbors are buying composite decks these days. Is this the best choice for me?

Not necessarily. Like most home construction, decking is subjective. Each type of decking has its very own strengths and weaknesses. There are numerous variables that can determine which product is best for you. Do you have pets? Do you plan to barbecue and have parties on your deck? Is your deck shady or sunny? How high off the ground is the deck surface? Are you looking for something rustic or contemporary? These are just a few examples of some of the factors that help determine whether or not a specific decking product is right for you. One of our decking specialists would be happy to help you find the best decking products for your unique situation!


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