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At RMFP, We Want
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At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we work with contractors day in and day out and have been doing so for the past 45 years. Over the years, we have learned the demands of the building materials industry and have crafted our business to serve contractors, homeowners and designers. As the years have passed, we have built relationships with our clients that have sustained us throughout our time in business.

As a contractor, we understand that there are many things you look for in a supplier. You want a relationship that is built up to the point that you can come into any of our locations and we are already one step ahead of you. You can always count on good quality products ready for you at an affordable price! On top of a relationship, you always need quick price quotes, great customer service, an easy buying process, and of course products that are ideal for your daily jobs at the highest quality possible. We also have a system in place that keeps track of your past orders. If you find yourself needing the same product often, we can instantly find all of your purchase history by simply pulling you up in our system. One of our main goals at RMFP is to tend to every contractor’s needs by keeping the buying experience with us pleasant and worry-free.

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New Contractors Get 10%

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We are proud to announce that we are under new management as of this past year. We are working hard to grow our business even further by implementing our Five Pillars to build relationships within our community of homeowners, contractors, designed and suppliers.

Our Five Pillars Include:


Integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking. It means not cutting corners, and always doing the right thing even if it won’t immediately benefit you. Being full of integrity means not selling a certain grade of pickets at a higher level, when we know they are a lower grade. It also means doing what you say you will do, even if it’s inconvenient. Integrity matters.


Transparency means that we are an open book. We clearly provide our prices and give information to our customers so they can make an informed decision about their building materials purchase. We don’t play games, what you see is what you get. We are also honest about any roadblocks along the journey. If we know that the turn time on a specific type of decking is at least a month out because of production delays, we will tell you that up front so you can make your decisions accordingly. We know that your project has implications that go further out than us and we want to be a good partner in the journey.

Be Human

To us, being human means being someone that you want to have in the room. This means that we speak to each other respectfully and realize that we are all working together as a team. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable around anyone, so we hold ourselves to a high standard of respect and accountability that creates a harmonious environment. This also means that our actions have consequences. If we try to cut corners within an established company procedure, it has implications that spread wider than just ourselves. We respect all of the departments within our company, knowing that we are all working together towards a common goal.


In order to become the best building materials supplier, we have to be knowledgeable. This means we are constantly learning. The more we know, the more we can help our customers make an informed choice about their building materials. If we have a customer come to us wanting to know the best material to use for fencing in Colorado, we are knowledgeable enough to warn about the dangers of using treated fencing in Colorado and point them in the right direction of cedar materials.


We achieve our mission of becoming the best building materials supplier by purchasing the best products. We only supply products that we stand behind. We do our research and know the pros and cons of all of the products that we bring in. If we consistently see a problem with one of the products that we carry, we consider making a change to protect our customers from a bad buying decision.

New Contractors Get 10%

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How the New RMFP Operates

Over the past couple of years while under new management, we have upgraded a lot of our products and have changed our pricing to fit the needs of our contractors better. We have upgraded the lumber grades we stock and have taken on new products, such as reclaimed wood and granite.

We have also created two sub-brands under RMFP, Rocky Mountain Reclaimed and Granite Liquidators. This allows us to supply several different types of reclaimed wood from various brands as well as import granite from countries like Brazil, India, and Africa. Alongside these new products, we are still carrying our traditional products like fencing, decking, and siding in several sizes, species and grades.

Our main goal is to service anyone that walks through our doors. Whether you are a contractor, designer, architect, or a homeowner- we want to have products available to you for every project that could come your way. We want to be your go-to supplier.

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New Contractors Get 10%

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Nationwide Delivery, with
3 Day Delivery Inside Colorado

On top of improving the quality of our products and adding new products to our inventory, we have also added 3 DAY DELIVERY on select products, as well as nationwide shipping on our reclaimed wood products. If you are a contractor with a large job outside of Colorado, we can arrange for delivery via third party logistics to make sure you get what you need. We are dedicated to making the buying process of building materials easier for our clients. In addition to our local delivery and nationwide shipping, we still have our three locations across Colorado in Arvada, Wheat Ridge, and Fountain if you prefer to shop in person.

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Our Commitment to Community

Our mission at Rocky Mountain Forest Products is to build relationships with our contractors, homeowners, architects, and designers. We do this by working tirelessly to always be an asset to our clients in whatever way we can. Whether it’s by calling around to our suppliers to find just the right product for your project or shamelessly promoting the amazing work of our clients throughout our community on social media- we know that without our clients, there is no Rocky Mountain Forest Products. We work together to build both of our businesses simultaneously.

This past year, we sponsored a classroom at Tradecraft Industries, which is a co working space in Denver for anyone in the building and construction industry. This space can be used for daily office spaces or for your team to meet occasionally for monthly meetings. This is also a place to network with other contractors, learn about new topics and get your name out into the community. Once a month we teach a marketing class where everyone is welcome to learn about the newest marketing techniques as well as ask their own burning questions about the world of marketing. These are typically held on the Final Friday of every month. Please check our Facebook page for the most updated calendar. Come join us to learn more about how to market your business effectively!

TradeCraft Building

We also host The Mill Podcast every Thursday at Tradecraft Industries. You can stream our podcast on any major streaming app such as Apple, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube. Our topics focus around anything and everything in the building industry, business and marketing. Tune in every week to see what we are talking about next!

If you are a contractor, designer, or architect and are interested in being a guest on our podcast please feel free to reach out! We would love to have you on the show to get a different perspective on all of the issues we face in today’s industry.

New Contractors Get 10%

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A Letter From New Management

Shane Hoefer

Shane Hoefer


To Our Current and Prospective Customers,

First and foremost, please let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Shane Hoefer and I am proud to announce that I have taken over as President and CEO of Rocky Mountain Forest Products. Over the years, we have built a client base that consists of 70% contractors and 30% of homeowners and DIYers. My focus with taking on the role of President and CEO is to continue to build relationships with our clients, as well as offering new products to suit anyone’s needs when they walk into either of our three locations. We are striving to build a community in the industry by implementing social media, technology, new products and working with our close-knit contractors by pulling together and engaging everyone in the industry. I am looking forward to the growth and prosperity to come over the next several years at RMFP. Thank you for your continuing business and we are excited for the years ahead!


Shane Hoefer, CEO

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