Shiplap Siding in Colorado

Whether you’re building a new shed or updating the look of your home, siding plays a key role in protecting your structure against the elements. At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, you can purchase shiplap siding in Colorado for an affordable rate. Our natural wood siding, when correctly installed and maintained, will last for years to come, so you can count on it for maximum protection.

Shiplap siding is horizontal wooden siding. It features tight joints formed when one board overlaps the top of another board. This overlap creates a tight seal, enabling the siding to withstand colder climates.

With the overlapping board design provided by ship lap wood siding, this enables the siding to withstand cooler climates and ensures for quality insulation. If you’re looking to cut back a little on your heating bill, ship lap can help get the job done. Ship lap siding in Colorado is incredibly durable, versatile and easy to install. Installation is so easy, any level of builder can do it and you’ll only need a hammer and saw to get the job done! Plus, the design allows for easy removal and replacement – so maintenance isn’t an issue, either.

Did you think ship lap siding was only for use on your home’s exterior? Think again. Most people think of exterior projects when they think of ship lap siding, but what they don’t consider is what ship lap can do for your interior. It adds a lot of charm that you might not be able to otherwise achieve. It’s an easy way to creat a stunning impact in any room, while still keeping things simple. Have a plain white kitchen with basic counter and cabinets? Want to keep white walls while still giving the room interest? Ship lap siding is your answer, especially if you are going for a cottage or lake house look. 

What benefits does Shiplap Siding offer?

Shiplap siding in Colorado is durable, versatile, and easy to install. Because the boards fit on top of each other, installation requires little more than a hammer and saw.

Additionally, shiplap boards are easy to remove and replace compared to other siding options, and they create a beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

What species of wood is recommended for Shiplap Siding?

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, you can choose from a wide number of wood species to ensure you find the best siding for your next project.

Our redwood siding offers a rich texture and resists warping, shrinking, and cupping. Redwood shiplap siding has natural oils and resins which enable it to better resist rot and insect infestations.

If you’re looking for more cost-effective shiplap choices, consider our spruce, pine, and fir options. With the right oil-based stain, you can ensure that siding made from these species will stay beautiful for years.

Should you prime the back of Shiplap Siding?

Unlike regular siding, shiplap siding’s seal depends a great deal on interlocking pieces. These pieces need to expand and contract in similar ways to stay strong and uniform.

To minimize warping, you’ll want to treat the back of each piece in the same way you treat the front. Priming both sides of the wood keeps out moisture that would otherwise damage your siding.


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