Channel Rustic Siding

Channel Rustic Siding (Lap Siding)

When you want a rugged wood siding that stands up to harsh weather, channel siding gives your house the style and protection it needs. At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we supply premier channel siding for homes across the United States. Our natural siding fits almost every setting, from snowy mountain cabins to cozy suburban neighborhoods. Channel siding is commonly seen in interior and exterior applications.

Channel siding is normally supplied in unseasoned knotty grades. The face side is saw textured. You’ll commonly find available sizing in 1×6, 1×8 and 1×10. Channel siding is easily installed and material waste is minimal. Channel siding is a popular type of lap siding and is used whenever a rustic appearance is desired. It is super versatile and can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it, turning it into a channel that gives shadow line effects.

We eliminate the middleman by buying directly from lumber mills. This sets us apart from the big box retailers and offers you superior products at exceptional prices. This provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement.

What are my channel siding options?

Channel siding gives homeowners versatile style options with a consistently rustic look. Most people choose to install this siding horizontally. However, you also can install our products vertically, diagonally, or as a combination of all three to create unique visual effects.

Channel siding allows excellent breathability throughout the year, and encourages water and snow runoff in wet weather. Consider knotty grades for a standout look, or view all your options to pick the right wood aesthetic for your home.

Is channel siding reversible?

Channel siding is reversible, unlike other siding options. On one side, you can enjoy a rough face that creates a board and batten look. Flip it over and you can enjoy a smooth face with a V-shaped edge.

How do I extend the life of my channel siding?

With the right maintenance and treatment, you can prolong your siding’s life. Here’s how:

  • Inspect your siding every year.
  • Use an oil-based primer on the back of your siding. If moisture starts to build up behind the siding, the primer will keep the siding from warping.
  • Leave a one-inch gap between the siding and roofing materials. This allows for expanding and contracting during temperature changes.
  • Follow the nailing instructions exactly during the installation. Be sure to use the correct type of nails for your siding.


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