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Your bathroom is a place in your house you spend a lot of time in taking a bath and soaking the day away, getting the kids ready for school and rushing to throw yourself together so you aren’t late for work. Just like with other rooms in your house, you want it to be a functional and styled room that you enjoy being in. There are many ways to style your bathroom with wood that you have laying around your house or from leftovers you have from a recent project. Creativity is the key. That is why we have created a list of ideas that will upgrade your bathroom. Being a lumber company, this list will relate to wood products.

Toilet Paper Holder

No one likes to run out of toilet paper when no one else is home, but we get you don’t like the look of extra rolls sitting by the toilet. By using some leftover wood to build a holder, you can solve the issue of running out of a roll and keeping your bathroom design worthy. You can build your holder in however design you want that works for you.

Towel Rack

If your bathroom’s towel rack is poorly placed and you are unable to reach them from the shower, maybe you need a new one. You don’t want to walk across your bathroom making your floor soaking wet in search of a towel. You can get creative with it and build a towel rack with a thick piece of wood and an industrial pipe and use it as shelving. If you look on Pinterest, there are many different styles of towel racks to help you gain some inspiration.


If you have a significant amount of wood leftover or available to you, you can build a vanity that has a sink and acts as your main counter space or an additional one to use as a makeup counter. Guys, we promise you if you build your girlfriend or wife a makeup vanity, they will love you forever. This project is awesome for anyone, because you can make it as simple or as complex as you want.

Bath Cart

In your bathroom, especially if you have little ones that enjoy baths, it can get hectic in your bathroom with the different bath products for everyone in your family, bath toys, and towels- you need space. You can build a bathroom cart in one of two ways, you can use wood and build it from scratch, or you can combine wooden crates and secure them together. This makes bath time with kids easy because you can roll the cart over and have everything right beside you and be able to roll it away when you’re not using it. Even if you don’t have kids, this system is perfect for extra bath products, Epsom salt jars, bath bombs or extra towels so they are always handy.

Frame Your Mirror

If you are looking for a way to accent your bathroom with a minimal amount of wood, look into framing your vanity mirror with some extra pieces of wood and staining it to be a darker color to warm up your bathroom and give off a cozy vibe.

Wall Accents and Décor

A very popular way to accent your bathroom and sufficiently accent your room with wood, is to add wall cladding on one wall that is the focus of your bathroom. You can also add smaller wood accents with wall décor that can warm up your bathroom and still look styled. When it comes to using wood for wall décor, there are endless options to choose from like shelving, picture frames, wooden mirrors, and much more.

You want your bathroom to be cozy and stylish since you spend a lot of time in there soaking up the bath and getting ready. If you are going for a rustic and rugged look throughout your house, these are a few easy ways you can tie your bathroom into the rest of your home. We know that your bathroom is an awkward room that is hard to decorate and style to match your home, but it’s relatively easy with some inspiration and the right materials. Along with our ideas we have shared, if you simply search the internet for woodworking projects for my bathroom, you are sure to find some great ideas!